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  • kevin lozano - Superior sound with an excellent price!I was looking for a unit like this for over a year! I bought the Bose soundock for $199 but does not have a battery option nor Bluetooth and I did not want to spend more than that for a portable radio. So I purchased the altec lansing m810 which is a big boom box that has a excellent well balanced sound for use in parties and where you want the music to be loud. however still really not portable, yes it allows batteries but still is to big for camping and casual around the pool situations which the Bose and altec lansing are not water proof. Then I ran into this guy yesterday at best buy by accident. I listened to it and first impression was wow, what a big sound! The bass was not overwhelming and the mids an treble are well balanced. I listen to everything and I sampled rap to pop to country , house, jazz, and rock and podcasts. The sound to me was just as good as the Bose soundock and $70 dollars cheaper! Also Bluetooth, waterproof and hands free phone calls which by the way works far better than I expected. This thing actually sounded equally as good as both the Bose and altec at a fraction of the cost.
    Keep in mind it is the size of a brick so don't expect it to keep up with a house system but it sure kept up with my other portable devices. As for looks that all depends on your preference. I like rugged and that's what it is. If you want a red or pin device by others venders go ahead. But if you want quality design and sound TDK is the one. Be smart people.
    Thank you TDK!!!
  • DTT - I recommend!I purchased this for my kids, ages 16 and 17 and both have had very good results. Acne was such a problem for them and both had taked rx for their acne. Exposed has produced better results for them than anything at the drug store and better than Pro-Active. I have purchased about 4 kits overall and now purchase the products individually as needed.
  • Reviewer "miteyoak" - Great Piece Of EquipmentThis is a great piece of equipment. I don't weigh a lot, but it is solid and is a great bar. I can put all of my weight on it and do pull downs, and I feel supported. A regular ballet barre is about $100, and those are really flimsy compared to this.

    As far as the exercise goes, I have only done beginner and intermediate so far. I find that the 30 minute workout isn't quite long enough for me, but I am short on time during the week. I find that I am missing aerobic activity. So, I will incorporate in another exercise since I don't get enough activity in my life.

    I like the DVD's as they are easy to follow, and I do get a good workout. I like how they incorporate stretching after each exercise. For me, this workout helps me tone muscles as well as stretch (which helps reduce stress for me).

    I don't know that I feel that the Beginner or even Intermediate workouts would be the only thing that somebody could do without doing a diet and possibly some aerobic exercise to lose weight. I don't know that I feel this product should be marketed as weight loss because I don't think you really burn that many calories during a 30 or 37 minute workout. I would think the calories burned would be under 200 for the workout. That is like a little less than one candy bar. I think that can be deceiving for folks who think that they can buy this, do the exercises and lose all kinds of weight in a few weeks.

    Now, I do think that you can lose inches with this exercise system and that you can really tone and shape your body. I didn't buy it for miraculous weight loss. I bought it because I like barre workouts. I think they are effective for toning and shaping and they are low impact. That's what I need in my life right now.

    I have done the beginner about 8 times and the intermediate workout twice during the last 3 and a half weeks. So, I think it is okay to review it so far. I bought this system because I am short on time, and I don't have time to go home and then drive 20 miles to either a gym or to Bikram Yoga. I am just too hungry after work to not go home. So, I needed something that would be low impact, work out a lot of body parts, and help me create a lean and slimmed down version of me. I am not attracted to workouts that are super high energy aerobics right now. This fit the bill. For somebody who is into really high energy exercise, the fluidity bar is good and will work with other barre exercise programs, but it isn't a high energy aerobic workout.

    I find that the fluidity system is a little more calm and mellow than other barre programs. I have watched dvd's of Physique 57 and have Lotte Berk method, and this feels to lean toward a more mellow workout, which is great for somebody who is coming back to exercising after a long time. I look forward to doing it. Now, there are definitely some difficult parts that I still don't have mastered, but I am feeling that my muscles are a bit tighter. My arms look leaner, my legs are tighter. My rear end doesn't feel as jiggly.

    I bought this product off of the website and I got an extra 10% off when I tried to leave the page. A barre workout in town is $20 or $149 a month. That is really steep. I had been considering buying a package of 10 workouts for either $150 or $180 -- depending which studio would work with my schedule. To me, that is really steep. I justified it by saying that if I bought the Fluidity bar package that it would pay for itself at $20 a class. (The difference is that these workouts are 30ish minutes vs. 55 minutes at a studio). But, I would save 30 or 40 minutes driving to and from (which I need right now). And, I had to, at a minimum work out enough times to pay for the bar so that it wasn't a loss. You know -- an expensive piece of equipment that is never used that sits in a corner. So far, I'm almost halfway there. Then, once I get there, I am going to double that. I don't want to say that I have to do it 40 times because that would be daunting. But, I am counting it down and $200 of this has been paid off so far (by my logic). And, I am looking forward to my next workout.

    In short, if you have the money and want to do something low impact to tone your body, then this is a good option. If you are looking for dramatic weight loss and an overnight transformation from a 250 lb person to a 120 lb person, I just don't see how this can get you there without extreme dieting.