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  • Animexstudio - Incredible and best investment ever!I'm a first time dad, and a big tech geek who loves everything technology related! Naturally, I was shopping for cool gadgets and baby related gear, and was introduced to the 4Mom's collection when I found their geeked-out carriage the Origami. I then came across this, and just had to have it. My wife and I bought it, and wow wow wow.

    First off, I love the motions and settings, as well as the ability to play natural sounds via the native built in option. So smart were they that they added the AUX cable option, which allows me to play any music or lullaby right out of the speakers. NOTE: they designed it with a little indentation which would fit an iPhone. (I don't have an iPhone - total android guy- and my phone won't fit in the space (No biggie though).

    When I bought it first I didn't realize that it can be readjusted to lay flat (The position my daughter loves most!) but after tinkling with it for a day my wife found the latch that frees the support from the back, and dang, the thing just slides into any position.

    All in all, this rocker is perfect in every way, albeit a little pricey compared to the typical swings which run around $100. But, my friends it is well worth the extra $150 and for my baby at least it completely rendered my daughter's cradle and bassinet pointless.

    One note: I don't know if this is a special feature or setting that can be adjusted, but the mamaroo seems to stop moving after 24 hours and you need to repress the play button. Ironically, the nature sounds continue to play it is just the movements that stop. For some that might make a difference.
  • Tracy Talley "Book Addict" - Everlasting Love Found, Windswept Seas & Adventure Abound!The third in the 'Outlander' series and still kept me riveted. In this enstallment, Claire is in her own time and its twenty years later from the time she first went back (1945)and she has a daughter from Jamie, Brianna who is 20 years old.
    Claire is now a succesful doctor living in Boston and still longs for her lost love, a Scottish warrior from the 18th century named Jamie Fraser. Her twentieth century husband Frank having passed away two years ago, Claire is feeling that heartwrenching pull to return to her love.
    But how does a mother leave her only child to find a man she once knew and loved almost two hundred years ago? How does she explain this to the man's daughter who looks just like him? Just seeing Brianna makes her heart ache for Jamie.
    With the help of Brianna and a friend who studies genealogy charts, Claire finds out that Jamie somehow survived the bloody Battle of Culloden! Dare she risk another trip through the stones to find him?
    With understanding and the love from her daughter, Claire finds the support and courage she needs to take the plunge into the unknown with the knowledge that she may never again be able to return to the future and Brianna.
    Seeing Jamie again nearly knocks the breath from her. Their love is still intact, even 20 years later. Trouble is still in the air, this time they are uprooted from the battlefields of Scotland to the exotic and mysterious West Indies. Coming face-to-face with an 18th century serial killer, Claire is the only one who can stop the madness.
    Voodoo magic and political intrigue, Claire and Jamie are thrust on a voyage to the pits of humanity and must use their love and trust in one another to survive.
    I thought the use of voodoo and the islands in the 1700's was unbelievable! It was so fascinating and kept you on your toes! Their journey through the world of magic and greed for life made sense and also explained things to me that I missed in the first novel 'Outlander'. The stones are more in depthly explained along with the travel of time. It was so unbelievable that I was engrossed for hours and hours and found it dark outside before I thought to even eat!
    This is probably one of my favorites so far of the three I've read. It moved faster and with more excitement that the last (even though I loved 'Dragonfly') and I was sad to see it end, some 1050 pages later, lol.
    The time spent apart made the heart grow fonder and I was happy to see the passion still well alive between them. I love Jamie anyway, and fell in love with him in 'Outlander', but in this, I loved him even more and wished I were Claire, lol. I am anxiously ready to plunge right into the fourth installment, 'Drums of Autumn', in the New World...1. Outlander 2. Dragonfly in Amber 3. Voyager 4. Drums of Autumn 5. The Fiery CrossTracy Talley~@