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  • Stacy - Love this book!I watched the movie first, but now I have read this, for a second time, and I just love this series. The love story is told so well and is so much more evident in the book. The author does very well illustrating all of the emotion and the relationships with her words. This is just a great book! I can't wait to read the next 2 again. There is so much detail included,I pick up on more and more. Great read!
  • Gabos - Was a girlWe got a girl as shown in the test, the doctor said it was going to be a girl, surprise we got a girl, intelligender sown us ...
  • keetmom - State terror Tudor styleHilary Mantel's re-imagined world of Henry VIII and the political machinations of the Tudor court is a literary tour de force. At every level, Bring up the Bodies is a satisfying and hugely rewarding read. The characters leap out of the pages of history as flesh and blood people whose lives and loves are manipulated by Master Secretary, Thomas Cromwell, both to grow dynastic and national power and, more sinisterly, for personal revenge. As the book's pivot and character whose inner thoughts the reader shares, Cromwell is well aware of the fine line he treads and how close he sails to the downfall he knows will come at some point at the King's final bidding. Henry is a more remote figure in this the second volume of Mantel's trilogy and the central question of why after years of pursuit he turns from Anne Boleyn at the very moment she is his, is never fully answered. Read this for a fascinating insight into how people lived in the 1500s, read it as a powerful expose of the dirty and salacious doings of the Tudors and other big families of the day, but above all read it as a political master class by a formidable ally, dangerous enemy and ultimate operator. Love him or loathe him, you can only admire how brilliantly Thomas Cromwell weaves his web of intrigue.
  • Christopher K. Andes - King of KeurigsThis is the ultimate keurig, and we have been enjoying it thoroughly. It does everything it's supposed to, and is as expected. It's very nice to be able to change the strength of the coffee - we never use the temp. function though - even though I dont like waiting for my coffee to cool down, the best coffee is brewed over 200degrees, so we leave it on the highest setting which is upper 190's.

    It looks fantastic sitting in the kitchen, brews delicious coffee quick, and doesnt make a mess. It has great automated settings, great manual options, and so on.

    My only complaint is that the Vue Cup system doesn't offer anywhere NEAR the variety the K Cup system has. I expect this to change fairly rapidly, but it has yet to be seen. Don;'t worry, there are still plenty of flavorful options to choose from! And your options will only get better over time.
  • Maria L. Hemphill "Rico8150" - Luminess Air Premium SystemThis Luminess Air Premium product is very nice. I bought this systems for a gift . I know this is a good product because I bought one for my self. When you spray on your make up It looks so nice and professional. It's so easy to apply, it only take a few minutes to apply, and your make up looks natural. It comes with a DVD that shows you how to use this air brush system and It's affordable. Yes I would recommend to my family,friends,and anyone interested in purchasing the product.