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  • Dr. Thomas - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FORWe have used Norton Internet Security (NIS) since 2004, initially as a single PC version and over the past several years as a multi-PC version. Some years show significant feature improvements, and other years somewhat less. NIS is comprehensive enough to manage all security issues for most users. It's highly rated in malware removal, has an intelligent firewall, and good exploit blocking. It's very accurate with anti-spam and anti-phishing of your email. In addition, potentially dangerous websites are flagged before you go there, not afterward. When new versions become available to download, they are free as long as your subscription is active. Online help is straightforward. Default settings cover 99% of your needs. This is our TENTH year of using NIS without a single issue. Prior to 2004, we used other less expensive products but ultimately paid a higher price with corrupted and lost data.

    Our FIVE-STAR rating is based on the product and its features, not the price. Before you consider a lower priced competitor, compare its features with NIS. Once you agree to buy NIS then compare pricing. Once installed beginning about 30 days before the end of the 365 day subscription period, you will begin receiving online notifications that NIS is about to expire. For each notification, you are given the option to "renew" your NIS subscription for an additional 365 days. If money is not an issue, this is the most convenient method to renew. This NIS product supports 3 PC's for one year and retails for $79.99. The day your subscription expires, Norton's price drops to $49.99. Although this is certainly a better deal, you may still want to shop around online. For example, sells NIS 2013 up to 3 PC's (boxed and downloaded) for $19.27 with free shipping on orders over $25.

    For boxed versions, you'll need to install NIS yourself. I typically perform this ritual each year on our three PC's at home in about 5 minutes per PC. I prefer this option since I have the actual disc and can reinstall NIS 2013 should we experience a hard-drive crash or replace PC's. Yes, we have experienced both. Digital is more convenient. Either method, just do not lose the Product Key. Write down the Product Key and place it where you can easily remember.
  • S. Bee - Exremely healthy, that is priority one!After researching various meal replacement powders, I settled on Garden Of Life's Raw Meal. To let you know how I am using this, I drink a serving a day on my off workout days to boost my caloric intake. So I am not using it as a true meal replacement.

    I read the reviews and saw people complaining about the taste. To me that is like going to the doctor and being prescribed liquid medication to help a condition, and complaining about the taste. Please people, are we 8 years old or what?

    After receiving the product, I tried my first serving. The flavor is definitely not something I will ever crave, but it was not nearly as bad as some people claim. I have taken three servings now and have found that using more water to make it a little less thick helps, but the flavor is not what I would call awful. It is like baby formula with a plant taste to it.

    So far the product seems to be doing what it claims. I have a satisfied full feeling with it. In fact, I have made the mistake of eating some animal based protein with the drink, and felt overtly full. I would recommend not eating food with the supplement due to that. The nutrients found in this stuff are very very good for you, and the energy and improved digestion are worth the price of admission all by itself.

    If you are looking for a healthy, true meal replacement that will satisfy your hunger, this is your stuff. If you are looking for something that taste good then you need to look elsewhere. I will continue to purchase and use Raw Meal!
  • brandon - Lean BMI, Large muscles, Little Price.As this anabolic is nothing more than 2 superdrol molecules bonded together I heard a lot of people say, hypothetically I believe, to expect some lethargy as superdrol is known to cause this from time to time. I have used superdrol in the past and experienced water retention, lethargy and skin problems on cycle. However, with this I'm 21 days into the cycle and quite to the contrary I feel energrtic. In fact yesterday I went to the gym even know I'm recovering from a cold and worked 8 1/2 hours that morning. I bought it to retain the mass I already had while cutting but I've actually gained mass while trimming down. The gains are extremely dense thus far and I was almost a little embarrassed working out yesterday because I look too big and dense to be natural but I'm not complaining. I'll update after pct but so far I'm pretty satisfied. I've read convincing information to suggest that despite it's relation to superdrol it does react differently in the system and that appears to be true. Its also dirt cheap for a cycle.
  • Rie K - Great for group discussionA study group is meeting weekly to discuss a chapter in this book. There is a lot to think about and a lot to discuss with other Christians. It's good to have such a thought-provoking book as a springboard for the discussions. It's well-written. Ideas are radical to some extent, radical to some perspectives, but useful to help you determine what you believe.
  • HjSpalenka - About the game itself...I normally would not bother writing a review for the game, but I am a little miffed at the current reviews. So much of the negatives seem to be about the DRM and servers, so lets clear that up first. Every online game has server troubles at launch. WoW did, TF2, Diablo 3, every online game does! Next, the "DRM" isn't an issue, sure, if you lose internet connection for a few minutes, you get kicked out, but 1) by that point it would be a good idea to try and figure out why you lost internet to begin with, and 2)lag isn't an issue. You will almost never get kicked out for a low speed, considering it requires less than 1mbps up/down speed (256kbps down, 64 kbps up, or 1/4 mbps down and 1/16 mbps up).

    So, lets get all the pettiness out of the way, and talk about the game itself, and not the problems that will be gone soon, or ones by people who have not bought the game. (As a note, I bought the game, but not through amazon, I got the Origin Digital Deluxe Edition.) The game is great. Sure, there are some abilities that are gone, but they may come back in EPs, which, lets be honest, can be a good thing, especially since it means if you do not want those features, you don't need to pay for them. I'm glad I bought the game, and a little waiting won't hurt. Besides, I am the first of my friends, and so I shouldn't be torturing myself with waiting for them to go on multiplayer while I try to run a huge region alone.

    Also, as for city size, if you have that much of a problem, run a region yourself, they function like a big city for the most part.