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  • Joey Hancock - Andy Andrews on SteroidsFirst let me be very clear, I am a huge Andy Andrews fan. I live in the South and the Gulf Coast is a favorite vacation spot and often a haunt. Andy writes with an "I can't put his book down" touch. You laugh, learn and live better because of his books. All of that said, Andy swings his pen into stronger ink in The Noticer Returns. Strong, powerful life changing and affirming writing will capture the reader in the first few paragraphs. My wife and I stood and wept together over a two page passage where Andy helped us through a very hard place in our life with the recent death of both of our mothers. I am already buying copies and giving them away. This is a must read whether you are twelve or ninety two. Thank you Andy for pulling the gloves off Jones.
  • Ruach - I've finally found my tabletAfter owning four other tablets of different brands, to include the iPad, I have found everything I need a tablet to do in the Kindle Fire. I like the feel of the device in my hand, its resolution and especially the elegance of it's simplicity. I have had no reliability issues, it performs well. I would recommend the Kindle Fire for anyone who already has the smartphone, the laptop, the desktop PC and other wi-fi capable device, and desires an in-between device that is powerful yet simple in design and format, at a price that can't be beat.