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  • Ron Perkins - Huge Ships and the Decline of Western CivilizationThe national bestseller that shocked the nation—"How to Avoid Huge Ships" is an unflinching look at the increasing decline in Western maritime culture and power.

    The huge ships of the West are dying. Collapsing shipping rates in Europe and the U. S., coupled with explosions of smaller, less huge craft in Africa, Asia and Latin America are set to cause cataclysmic shifts in world shipping power, as boatloads of unchecked shipping swamps and polarizes every Western society and nation.

    "How to Avoid Huge Ships" details how a civilization of huge ships are passing away. Remember the old saying, "So go the huge ships..." The author foresees a new world order that has terrifying implications for our huge ships, our faith, and the preeminence of American maritime culture.

    "How to Avoid Huge Ships " is a timely, provocative study that asks the question that quietly troubles millions: Are the huge ships we grew up with gone forever?
  • Barbara Nelson - Upgrading to Quicken 2013After reading other reviews of quicken 2013 I was hesitant to buy it, but I had just bought a new tablet and needed a mobil app for it. After installing the disc it immediatly started downloading updates and already is on version 10. So far it seems that the bugs have been worked out of the program and I have not had any problems with it on my computer or my tablet.