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  • Don Holmes - Awsome tablet!Almost went with BB 7 inch, but my eyes are aging so i went 10.1 instead. Soooo glad i did. Got it tru amazon warehouse deals under like new. This will not dissapoint! I paid like 215.00 delivered, and it's been a while since i've enjoyed an electronics purchase more. Performs as advertised. Especially love the blue tooth. hearing tunes in the car system AND having the vid for the missus to watch while i drive keeps her backseat driving to a minimum. A VERY big plus for me! Highly recommend!!
  • George C Triumph "Bucs fan" - Art and Music and a guy named Roger WatersSimply put, this is a masterpiece and it tells a story as well as paints a picture. One of the defining rock opuses that extends the creativity and talent of the members of Pink Floyd. I have to mention though that this is Roger Waters baby, he is the godfather of this project as well as Wish you Were here and Dark Side of the Moon. Make no mistake about it, Waters songwriting, Bass playing and singing was the center that did hold for a long, long time for this band.

    The Wall is epic, so large nobody can touch it. It is something that takes a lifetime to truly experience and understand, and even then you are amazed at how it just continues to grow and change while still showing some of the same things hold true years and years later. Some of the songs really seem like nothing more than toe tapping rockers but if you know the story then you know the depth that is behind those songs.

    One of the greatest Dual Album studio releases of all time. Forget the cartoon and the drugs and all that other hocus pocus and just soak this in, one day at a time for a lifetime. You won't regret it, it will one day be your baby also. They just don't make records like this anymore, with so much meaning and feeling and power and social and political ideas all melded into one thing...and that thing is THE WALL by Pink Floyd.
  • D-bra - GREAT FOR BAD BREATHAs my husband and I age so does our breath. This is great and long lasting. We just use 1/2 the recommended amount to gargle with as it is a bit pricey. On our last check ups our dentist commented that he thinks it is working..he also likes biotene mouthwash. We have both and combine them.
  • Tiah A. Foster - An armchair trip to England with lovely watercolorsThis book is a charmer. If you love England, you will love this. And if you don't know Susan Branch and her blog, you will fall in love with her after reading this book. It is Not To Be Missed.

    The book covers, in detail, their 2 month soujourn in England. It includes a trip to Beatrix Potter's home, and other landmarks, big and small. Personally, I hope they make more trips and she does more books!

    Tiah Foster
  • Akbersaeed - A must have for ANY Med student.I dont think it is even possible for me to describe this brilliance of this book as a classroom supplement. First aid is a must have. Purchase it during your 1st year and use the book as a supplement while studying for your class exams. Use the extra space for writing additional notes. The book should be a complete mess by the time your done with it. That should be your own proof that you made an honest effort to utilize it.

    Again, I highly recommend this book.