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  • Luna Torquill - Solid, almost a pleasure to use

    I should start out by mentioning this is my first version of Quickbooks; people who are used to earlier versions apparently hate having to adapt to the large changes they made to the user interface. Once I figured that out, I wasn't quite so intimidated by the low rating.

    I'm glad I gave it a chance, too -- I have not regretted it once. QB has a pretty steep learning curve, but once I figured out how to get to the features I needed, it has been a very smooth experience. There are lots of alternatives for how to keep your books, a huge array of preferences, and all through this it hasn't slipped up once. Given how Quicken 2013 was panned for being riddled with bugs, Quickbooks 2013 has been surprisingly reliable and solid the whole time, even when putting it through some serious paces (like catching up with six months of financial records in one go). I do keep backups, of course, since that's always a good idea.

    I wasn't sure I could afford it, but I'm very happy I took the plunge. New users should get a book or tutorial -- the built-in help can be a bit scarce on basic newbie things -- but don't be concerned about the quality of the program.

  • Don Alan Uhrig - Flawless, does all I need and more

    Although I could, I will not be writing a long technical review. Others have done that, and I have read all the pros and cons.

    Short story: The Asus Transformer Prime has been in my hands for two weeks now and has performed flawlessly. Not a single program has crashed. I have not had any forced closures. I have not had to reboot my tablet. (Makes me wonder what these other people are doing.)

    The tablet is beautiful and perfect. I like how easy it is to get to settings when, for example, I need to add a wi-fi location. One or two taps is all it takes to get to the most frequently used settings or applications.

    The tablet runs nearly every app that I had on my Android phone. What doesn't run is accessable via web browser - and actually using my banking in the web browser gives me access to ALL features whereas the bank app did not.

    One concern some might have with a tablet is some things only work when you are connected to the internet. I have no concerns about wi-fi access, because my android phone can be turned into a hotspot (yes, slower than broadband, but it does work).

    Only once have I run the battery down to 20% and that was during my longest day on my college campus - Thursdays - and I was showing off the screen by running in Super ISP mode quite a bit, and watched a movie. I actually didn't realize the 20% till I got home. I did have the keyboard/dock with me so could have easily added up to 8 hours of life.

    Maybe I will write more on this, but for now, I am AMAZINGLY happy with my purchase.