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  • QB KIMI - BEST ACCOUNTING PACKAGEQuickBooks has a great product for everyone. If you are unsure of what to to, they have a help section, there is help in blogs, you can contact a Certified Pro Advisor for more help. QuickBooks takes into account the bumps life has for us and helps to smooth the accounting ones with no fuss. You can track the trends your business does or get an add on program that will help you drill down the information you are looking for.
  • Father Bunghole - Playmobile.....always thinkingFinding it a little advanced for your toddler? Thats because you didn't start him off with Playmobil's Catholic Choir Boy. What a better way than to loosen him up first ....the Catholic way. Does he have a hard time hitting the high notes? Not anymore. The action pack adventure comes complete with life long rejection and suicidal tendencies. Razor blades and sleeping pills sold separately.
  • C. J. - My husband loves this pillowI am writing this in August, after having bought the My Pillow for my husband last Father's Day. Most of his cervical disks are fused, so I knew that if this pillow was comfortable, it would be well worth the price. Well, he wasn't at all excited about a new pillow and it sat around awhile still in the packaging. The he opened it up and it sat around even longer. I finally asked if he was going to give it a try. That's when he told me that he didn't think he'd like it because it felt way too soft. Last week he decided to try sleeping on it. After one night, he was completely sold on it. He says that even though it feels really soft, it actually doesn't collapse. It remains supportive all night long. I was hoping to try it out myself, but I may have to settle for taking a nap with it as he won't give it up for a whole night! I've been reading other reviews about the odor or the noise. We didn't notice either of those complaints. I wonder if that could be because it sat out for some time before use. I hope this addresses some of the things not covered in other reviews.