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  • Brea Bennett - I LOVE MY KINDLE!I was always very hesitant to purchase a kindle. I thought i would miss the feel and smell of a real book. I decided to order a kindle after much prodding from friends and family. I am not disappointed and now it goes everywhere with me! I wish i had known the HD was coming out, i would have waited to make my purchase.
  • Meloney - love this tabletI really love this tablet purchased it for my two year old daughter however, I love it so much I tend to use it more often then she does. will be writing a more comprehensive review soon.
  • Charan - Excellent TV for a very reasonable price !!Few weeks ago, I had bought the LG 47LN5400 LCD-LED HDTV (no smart and no 3D features) thinking that I did not need a TV with smart and 3d features. I was disappointed with the picture quality and had to return it.

    After doing a minor search, I went for LG 47LN5700. This TV has the best picture quality with nice smart features. I cannot stop watching HD videos on this TV.

    For those who are looking for a smart LCD-LED HDTV without 3D, this TV is more than just perfect !!
  • Ann Wade - Fractal TimeGreg Braden is an insightful person, his studies about the Universe and his ability to put his wisdom and knowledge into words that are easily assimilated by the reader is a masterful ability in itself. I am a fan of Braden's writing and thinking and am eager to learn as much as I can about the Mayan calendar and the cycles/patterns of the Universe. Braden has helps in putting the upcoming 2012 date in perspective. Fractal Time is one of the most important books for this time.
  • srquhf - QuickBooks for Mac 2013 upgradeLove it! Did have an initial problem when first upgraded, but it turned out to be a problem with MY hard drive which had to be cloned, reformatted and re-installed. Don't be so hard on Intuit and the Mac version - it has been working perfectly for me. I have been using QB since the 2007 version and (sorry to all you nay-sayers) but Intuit has continued to improve the Mac product over the years. So many people comment on how much better the PC version is vs. the Mac version and I wondered all these years what I was missing by not ever having the PC version. Well, recently I had the opportunity to help out a friend who was on a PC and let me tell you - you can keep the PC version - Give me my Mac! The Mac version is way better. I have had absolutely no issues with crashing in 2013, no issues with performance and speed.

    I would have passed on the 2013 upgrade except for one new feature - the ability to group invoice. Working in a property management company, we invoice all the owners in an association the exact same amount - having the ability to do a "group" invoice saves me literally hours of work - Thank you Intuit for listening! I use the Community Forum regularly when I have questions or difficulty and I always get responses - it is a great resource.

    There are very few accounting packages out there for the Mac community and periodically, about every year and a half, I download a trial version of two or three of them and run them through the motions for our business and I always reject them and prefer to use QuickBooks. I'm happy.

    Don't listen to all those one-stars - most likely it's operator error.