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  • kstone - This stuff smells soooooo goodSo I did the big chop on 10/26/12. Prior to that I had not had a relaxer since May 2012 believe you me it was a hot mess, so I had to cut it. Well since I work out three-four times a week I have to wash my hair often. This stuff is perfect. The product is light and does not weigh your hair down. It smells like heaven in a jar. I treat it like shampoo: I wet my hair, place a large scoop on my head and work it in, then comb it through, let it sit for a while 5-10 minutes and wash out. The bottle says don't repeat unless your hair is really dirty, so I don't. I say, if your hair is dirty enough requiring a repeat then wash it with shampoo. I use the cowash three times a week and then wash my hair with shampoo once a week. The only draw back of the cowash is that it makes my curls really really tight. I air dry my hair over night, so in the morning I do not put any other conditioning product in my hair so as the day goes on my curls will loosen up.
  • thar757 - A True Game-ChangerI will not be crude, but will be direct. This product is up there with aspirin and statins as one of the top medications of all time. Simply put, I was almost constantly constipated, with intervals of 3 or more days between BM's. When I had one, they were extremely hard, thus both painful and toilet clogging. Since I have started taking Align, I have been regular and with normal texture. Also, I do not feel as bloated, thus I feel better (actually back to normal). I am 54 and thus my problems prior to taking Align were somewhat expected. This product is one I would highly endorse.
  • L. M. SINGLETON "Book Nerd !!!" - Best crepe maker I ever used...I bought this frying pan because of the infomercial hoping to find a solution to making crepes. I have used many frying pans to make crepes and had a hard time with getting it right. I refused to buy a crepe maker because my grandmother never used a appliance to make them. My grandma just used a darn good skillet. This orgreenic fry pan is perfect it is incredibly non stick and browns wonderfully. My crepes are professional. I don't know why others are having a hard time or what they are doing but this pan is great...

    Try it for yourself despite the negative reviews and follow the seasoning instructions and it should work as stated... LMS
  • Nancy Rodriguez - Making better food choices at fast-food restaurantsI got this book for my boyfriend who is a cross-country trucker. During the course of his trips he has little choice as to where to eat, because parking for a large rig is limited, so he frequents fast-food restaurants. I bought this book to assist him in making better food choices and getting the most nutrition out of his meals when he on the road.
  • Joe Dell - A Must for the old fans and new!I just got finished listening to the original Demos! Inrcrdible!
    All you floyd fans, this IS a must!!!!!
    I read about these demos in a book and always wanted to hear them.
    Here they are! They are worth the price of the Box set!
    I haven't even touched any of the othe material and
    had to give a 5 star rating and review.
    I don;t want to ruin it for you guys, but lets say,
    some parts sound more "floydian" than The Wall
    we have some to know and love!