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  • bronzefury - upgraded from 2008, works great with windows 8I had to upgrade Quicken 2008 Premier to Quicken 2013 Premier because I upgraded my computer with Windows 8 Pro. Quicken 2008 Premier didn't work with Windows 8 Pro very well. The 2013 version changed quite a bit since 2008 so I had to relearn a few things but the basics are still the same. Porting over my data file went through without issue. I thought I lost the Cash Flow feature but it is actually still present. I just needed to find it. Getting used to it. Love it.
  • P. Mills - Love ItI have a Coby Android tablet but this is faster and easier to use. I have all my books and app in the cloud not on the tablet. It fits me so much better. I'm giving the tablet to my son's family. The picture is so clear and vivid and I can read all my Kindle books on it just like it was the Kindle PaperWhite.
  • T.J. Murphy - Walked all over my expectations!Seriously now, when's the last time you bought something and it actually exceeded your expectations?
    After trying a lower quality version of this product and being thoroughly dis-appointed with it(wore my fingers out fast/didn't hold that great),I got a CanGun1, stuck it on a can of paint, and tried it out.
    Man, that sucker holds like it's part of the can!
    And it's so easy to use that I'm wondering if your hand would EVER get tired!
    I gotta tell you, I actually started feeling like one of those professional paint guys.
    Soooooooooooo easy to use.
    If you ever intend to use a can of spray paint, you better get one of these!
  • rlbit - How did I live 30+ yrs without it?!My husband spotted this pan at Walmart and asked that I pick one up on my next visit. I kept think what a waste of money, we have a very nice (read pricey) stainless steel pan, cast iron, and glass. We have purposely disposed of all of the non-stick chemical based cookware. Anyhow, I picked one up, irritated I'd have to find storage for one more unneeded item. He seasoned it as directed, I never even read the label info. He told me it was good to use and the next night I happened to grab it out of the cabinet first.

    Now in all fairness I knew nothing about this product. Having a stainless and cast iron pan I assumed I needed to glaze it with butter first, I was making eggs. In about 2mins I had fully cooked fluffy eggs. Truly, I was in love! The cooking time is very FAST (half the time of other pans), the pan is super light, it cooks evenly and the eggs cleaned up in a sec. I told my husband that I was extremely pleased, this will be my go to, for quick and small cook jobs. It kills me I spent around $150 on the stainless one-- that sticks and is too heavy to drain liquid from.

    I will say my husband didn't have the same feeling of love with this pan as he expected that it was really "non-stick" and didn't require oil, butter, etc to glaze the bottom first. His food stuck and he was unhappy.

    So long and short of it, no it is not a perfect non-stick pan as claimed. HOWEVER, this is a great, super cheap little pan. No worries about chemicals is an added plus. Throw a dab of butter, oil or whatever and presto, a quick cook job with little clean up! I am searching for a larger version now.