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  • Shivani Ram - Love this planner!I bought this late 2011. I absolutely love this planner. The paper is smooth & glossy, ink does not bleed through. Lightweight & easy to carry around. The illustrations & quotes are beautifully done. Quite liked the bold colors used.
    People always ask where I got my planner. Can't wait for the 2013 planner!
  • Carol Davies - Perfect!!No worry about preowned. Sealed tight.
    Surprised to discover I could talk to this tablet and get answers.
    Extremely pleased!
  • John Paquette - Best fitness value for those who are committed.I never get tired of P90X. I've completed the program probably three times in the last 5 years. I know that doesn't sound good, but I've started P90X many times. It's just that I've often had a vacation, or a sickness which ended up interrupting the 13-week program. So I just start over if I lose a week or two (or, if I get sluggish, a month).

    You *will* occasionally miss days while doing P90X. Missing one day a week is not a real problem, just pick up from where you left off (don't skip a workout; instead, push back your completion date). Make a point of never missing two days in a row, and try really hard never to miss more than one day a week.

    People often complain that the P90X workouts are long. They actually aren't as long as you'd think, because *they include warm-up and stretching and cool-down*. It's not as if you are going full bore for 60 minutes every day. The warm-up and cool-down are what make P90X such a great program for older people. I'm 49, going on 50, and I'm SO GLAD that the workouts contain all the necessary warm-up and stretching. I will be totally ripped when I turn 50, and I'll keep doing P90X or P90X2.

    You DO want a pull-up bar. You DO want dumbbells. You do want anti-fatigue flooring (those 2-ft by 2-ft interlocking floor mats) or carpeting. You want push-up stands too, and a strong, light chair, and a yoga mat.

    P90X is inspiring, educational, and cheap compared to individualized personal trainers. If you are willing to work hard, then this program is for you.
  • Photographer "Photographer" - Much better than Killing JesusNot knowing anything about the history and lore of Jesus Christ I was just planning to read this book as a precursor to the "definitive history boo" - Killing Jesus. Was I surprised. Unlike O'Reilly's book, Zealot tries to differentiate between 'history' and 'faith'. The author calmly points out the acknowledged history texts written within 100 years of Jesus' death describing life in this period (none of which mention a character such as Jesus). He also compares the descriptions written in the 4 gospels - consistencies and differences and makes the point that these are 'faith-based historical documentation' written many years after the fact by authors who were instrumental in fostering the development of Christianity. The books authored by Paul took the legends of Jesus to heights never mentioned by the original Gospels.

    As I went through this book, I felt that I was reading a history book, complete with many historical foornotes and attribution to many noted historical authors. When I got to Reading Killing Jesus, I was very disappointed. It was a very interesting read, but clearly the 'history' that Mr. Bill refers to, is primarily the faith-based New Testament, rather than unbiased works by recognized scholars.
  • M. Nix - Slave to SensationSascha Duncan has always known she was different from the other Psy. A race of "superior" humans that are conditioned from birth to feel nothing, the Psy have become the leaders and renowned for their icy disdain and lack of emotions. But Sascha is forced to guard her every word and thought to prevent others on the PsyNet from discovering she is flawed. If it was discovered that she could feel emotions, it would result in her being sent to "rehabilitation" and the total psychic erasure of everything she is.

    Sascha has been assigned the task of working with the Changeling, Lucas Hunter, on a joint business project between the Psy and the Changelings. The Changelings are the opposite of the Psy and revel in their sensual nature and their enjoyment of life, emotions and physical desires.

    But Lucas isn't just any Changeling, he's the Alpha ruler of the DarkRiver Leopard pack and he's determined to find out the truth behind the brutal murders of several Changeling women by a Psy. He sees this business partnership as a way to look into the secretive Psy society through their representative, Sascha.

    But Sascha and Lucas both find the other is not what they expected and they are fascinated by each other. Will the secrets they discover mean their destruction and perhaps the destruction of their very societies?

    I had already read some of Nalini's contemporary romances by the time I saw the announcement of this paranormal romance and I'll admit I was a little uncertain. You just never know what to expect when an author does a genre shift, but the premise and blurb was so interesting that I gave it a try and I am extremely glad that I did.

    Slave to Sensation is a fascinating look at an alternative reality where society has taken their separation to extremes. I started to read this book late one evening and couldn't put it down until I had devoured it¾then I read it all again the next day. With hot sex and an all-consuming love, the characters totally enthralled me and especially Sascha's struggles to be what she was expected to be, then her desire to protect Lucas and the DarkRiver Leopards in the face of everything she's been raised to believe and her certainty that it will mean her own destruction.

    I completely and joyfully recommend Slave to Sensation. With an incredibly rich world and societies, hot sex and enthralling emotions, I will undoubtedly read this book again and again. Now I can't wait for the next book in this series!


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