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  • bill mcallister - Saved my lifeThe Hutzler 571 banana slicer seriously saved my life. I was walking home from a concert and had my 571 in my pocket like usual. As I was walking through an alley, a gang of bikers suddenly surrounded me. I was terrified. The only thing I could think to do was pull out my 571. I had heard stories about the 571 saving people's lives, but I never thought that I was going to be put into a situation where I would actually have to use it. As soon as I pulled the 571 out I could see the look of pure terror on the faces of the bikers. They obviously had heard stories about the 571 also. I set the 571 on the ground like I had read in another review, and the result was breathtaking. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It is very hard to explain what happened, but it was sort of a mixture of Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson. By the time it was over all the bikers were on the ground. I was able to pick up the 571 and walk home. The Hutzler 571 banana slicer literally saved my life.
  • Steven D. Ahlquist "atomicsteve" - It's the Beginning, not the End, of the DebateSam Harris has written a simple, yet extraordinarily powerful book about the "science of morality" and it is quite a revelation. He cuts through the cloudy thinking of religion and relativism to get at the heart of the problem: How do we as human beings maximize our well being?

    Harris provides no hard and fast answers, he is attempting to lay the foundations here. He is not, like Moses, stumbling off Mt. Sinai with stone tablets emblazoned with the "truth," he is merely sketching out how we might orient ourselves to best tackle the mountain ourselves.

    Refreshing and brilliant.
  • Pasca "Pasca" - Was skepticalI ran the early release version and did not like it and had no intention of buying it, until I took a class and the instructor suggested we learn the elements under the hood. I decided to load it on an old Dell XPS machine with 4 megs of RAM. The first thing I noticed was its superior speed to Windows 7 Pro (which was my favorite). It runs faster on the XPS machine than my 6 meg laptop. The new way of getting around in the OS was easy to learn. I had the system down within two hours and wish I had purchased two or three more copies before the price went up. I admit my early prejudice. It is a better operating system to Windows 7 in that it utilizes system resources far better. There are too many improvements to list. I'm not a shill for Microsoft; I am willing to admit I was wrong.