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  • John "nissanman" - Slowed PC down to a crawl---Now working just greatI installed AVG and initially had no problems. It went on nice and used it for a few weeks with no problems. Suddenly my PC was at a crawl and nothing opened with any speed. To open my browsers took forever. I uninstalled AVG and my computer is back to full speed with no hesitation. I believe one of the updates for AVG screwed up something that was working fine. I may try putting it back on but really enjoy just using Windows Defender and malwarebytes on windows 8 and having full speed.
    I tried AVG again on 12-27-12 doing a complete install. It went on easy enough but when finished the firewall refused to come on and Windows 8 firewall was on. It messed up my WiFi making my computer think I was wireless which I am not. I did a scan on the computer and it locked up the computer. I did a complet uninstall with a download from AVG and put windows defender and windows 8 firewall back in place. Computer is working fine and no freezing up and firewall and Ethernet works fine. I don't know what to say, since I have used AVG in the past but AVG 2013 really sucks for me. It will stay off of my computer.
    I tried AVG 2013 again on 1-15-2013 and it is working like a charm. Computer is not slowed in any way and it does what it is suppose to do. I now rate it a 5 and hopefully I will have no issues with AVG.
    I have been using AVG Security since Jan 2013 and today is 4-7-13 and it has been working flawlessly. I have it on two computers and have had zero problems. It blocks bad stuff and has a very small foot print. You do not even realize it is in the background doing its thing. Would recommend it to anyone.
  • FJMW - Products + Regimen = WorksThese products really do work - at least for me. I've been using them for three months now and they work way better than the prescription topical treatments prescribed by my dermatologist. Things to know: 1) It takes a couple of weeks to really get going. I still had a couple of pimples come in during that period. 2) You need to couple these products with the regimen, it will help. 3) They won't stop every single pimple forever, you might get one from time to time - especially if you don't use the products or follow the regimen. However, I've noticed that if I do get one, they heal faster and better than before. 4) The moisturizer does not have sunscreen in it, but it is the best I've ever used. It's not oily and soaks right in. Just my two cents - I don't normally leave reviews, but I've been dealing with acne for almost 20 years now, so since I've found something that has worked, (at least so far), I figured that other people might benefit from what has worked for me. Good luck!