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  • David - Amazing Book!This book is so amazing! It zooms in on morality itself and unfolds its future through science. The hope of a better understanding and better implementation of human well-being emanates from this book. I am so glad morality is being focused on as a scientific endeavor. Life is a better place with Sam Harris in it!
  • Geekout2 - Great, Stylish Protection for My Old Macbook ProI don't normally cover up my beautiful Macs, but I am using this on my old Macbook Pro. We recently transitioned to and Electronic Health Record and I hated the tablet the company gave me to use to see patients. I currently use my Macbook air as my primary laptop, so I decided to use my old MacBook Pro instead. I take it in and out of patients' rooms all day long and didn't want to damage by this increased use. This is an ideal solution. It fits perfectly and is securely attached. It's BLACK!!! You can still see the Apply logo on the laptop lid through this cover. I'm very pleased with this cover. I highly recommend it. Besides, the price was unbeatable.
  • mimi724 - HystericalBilly Crystal does not disappoint. My husband and I were laughing and crying tears of joy 2 pages in! Anyone who is a fan will get exactly what they expect and then some. Anyone not a fan, but interested in his story will have an infinitely better understanding on why Billy Crystal is still as popular today as he was 30 years ago! I love him!
  • Hank "Hank" - A very good frying panThis is a very Good frying pan. My wife loves it and it really is a no stick pan.
    I highly recommend it.
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