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  • Paul V Sorrentino "PS619" - Great read

    I like the format. Short and meaningful thoughts related to a Scripture passage (or occasionally a non-Biblical Christian author) followed by a prayer. It has heightened meaning to know that these were devotionals sent to Barack Obama each day by Joshua DuBois. The devotions are pithy and meaty.

  • CAF - Excellent! I must take antibiotics after a hip replacement due to an infection. Align repopulates my gut with good bacteria!

    I have to take antibiotics every day of my life due to an staph infection received at a hospital after a hip replacement surgery. My doctor recommened Align and I take it almost every day. I have not had the dreaded enteric infection that causes so many problems (extreme debilitating diarrhea) for people on antibiotics.

    I have been taking this product for 3 years and highly recommend it. The price listed here on Amazon was very good and it was delivered for free.

    I do keep a spread sheet on the cost of my meds and am constantly looking for competitive prices, balanced with convenience.

  • Ty123j - Nice price... Impressive Sound Quality!

    FIRST let me say that I have been a music enthusiast since my youth and I have always been obsessed with sound! That said I will keep it short and sweet. I have been looking for a Blutooth Speaker for quite some time. I have looked at all the popular brands from Bose, JAMBOX, Dr. Dre Boom Box etc. These are all great brands but they all have the same problem... Price $$$$. I just happened to find the Philips AD7000W/37 Fidelio SoundAvia Wireless Speaker with AirPlay on sale at a local retailer... ($39.00 after Christmas Sale - UNBELIEVABLE !!!) So I did something that I would not have ever done other wise... I bought it! After getting it home it took me about 10 minutes to read the instructions and about another 10 minutes to figure out how to get it onto my wireless network (which was totally my fault because had I properly read the instructions I would have been done and listening to great music within 10 minutes flat from the time I walked through the door). Please note that you certainly may enjoy this speaker with an audio input jack (provided within the package) but the speaker was created to be used with your wireless network hence it is called an "AIR PLAY" speaker. So if you do not have a wireless network already existing at your home then you will need to consider setting one up to get the full benefit of this awesome speaker. Now, I would have never bought a Philips speaker because i just didn't think that they were that "Deep" into the speaker business but let me say I have been pleasantly surprised by the deep rich sound I have gotten out of this speaker. I listen to my iPod and my iPad all day on it. I set my itunes music EQ to "Electric" and that was it! I listen to Gospel music and it is so rich with vocals and instrumentals that I am actually blown away every time I listen to a new artist. It fills multiple rooms with rich clear sound and the only thing that I hate is that it does not have the capacity to be portable (not rechargeable). As a matter of fact I am listening to it right now and truly feel that I could not have made a better purchase for an AirPlay speaker!