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  • Ana Cris - Awesome AidI am a college student currently studying animation at school. I decided to look for a book that would not only serve as an easy reference for any questions but also one that would teach me new techniques and ways of exploring maya. This book does an excellent job!!! The explanations are real clear and most of them have tutorials or exercises to do simultaneously with the reading that really help to put all the terms and new ideas in practice. The book also starts from the most basic steps such as using the hyper graph to more complicated stuff like simple animations. In general A total buy!! However, if You've never used maya before I would recommend first buying the Introduction to Maya book also by Eric Keller.
  • Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick - Great product & IT WORKS!I have IBS and had noticed a decrease in regularity over the past 4-6 months. I would not have a bowel movement for a day, then the next morning I would sit down and huge nasty mess would come out. Also, I would have really stinky gas during the day too. It seems like there are two kinds of probiotics out there. The cheap kind is where you get like 400 pills for $30. The expensive kind is where you get 30 pills for $30. It seems like there is no in between, so I thought there must be something about these expensive ones that is better. I looked around for reviews of the expensive ones on amazon and settled on align, partly because it's friendliness to lactose intolerance (which I have). I have been soooooo impressed. The first 2 weeks there was no improvement, but it seemed like after the 3rd or 4th week on it, BAM, I was all better! Regular, well-formed bowel movements that I was used too. It's great. I like the packaging too and that they don't need to be refrigerated. I have been taking them for 2 months now and have had continued good results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • SBeeOtter "SBeeOtter" - Couldn't Put It Down!I recently moved to the Hill Country from Southern California ... You can't call the writer whiney until you've made a culture jump such as hers (or mine) ... It would be the same for a Texan moving to New York - Would the person not be heartsick for their cultures, familiarites, pace, restaurants, personas, accents, etc etc? It was a huge adjustment and she was honest about the struggles of each day, each phase of life. I most valued her just pouring her heart out on paper. I loved the reference to locking your car doors during zucchini season and the woman's head going cock-eyed with wide-eyed confusion when Robb said he is progressive and didn't change his last name when they married. CLASSIC! Until you've lived here you wouldn't understand small-town mentality - and the fish out of water feelings it can bring to the surface. Ralston captures it all - It's her story and she writes so engagingly you simply can't put it down. I enjoyed this book so much and I really hope there's a Mexican sequel!
  • JalapenoJames - No more presidential popularity contests, PLEASE!One of the biggest problems with voters today is that they are voting for the appearance of the people running, rather than their policies, being more concerned with how a candidate's hair is combed than whether or not their plans for our country are on track to move us onward and upward. After reading this book, it is now ESPECIALLY appalling to me that anyone could vote for Obama in 2012. This is not an issue of Democrat or Republican. People need to open their eyes and see that Obama is AGAINST America - our country, our home, the land that we love - and vote accordingly. This book has helped me talk to my friends about the ISSUES they are concerned with, as opposed to "Best Smile of 2012: Romney vs. Obama - who will you be voting for?!" I've shared this book with my friends and strangers alike, and I suggest you read it too!