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  • Andrew Higginbotham - Just like it's big brother, only a little more portableMy wife has the full size iPad, and we both love using it, but this smaller "Mini" is a little easier to handle and travel with. Being an Apple product, the design, fit and finish are top notch, and there are tons of accessories already available for it. Battery life has been very good, and the apps have been designed to work perfectly with the smaller screen of the Mini. Even though it is a little smaller, it is easy to use and all of the apps are easily viewed on the crystal clear screen. I would recommend a case that can be used to prop up the iPad, so that you can view it easily while watching videos or web browsing. Everyone in my family enjoys using it, from my youngest to the eldest, they find IOS very intuitive and easy to navigate at any age. The learning curve on this is very flat and gradual to anyone that doesn't know Apple products. I recommend an iPad to anyone wanting something bigger than a smart phone, but smaller than a laptop. There are great apps for business, banking, planning, gaming and everything else in between to make life more organized and more fun for the user.
  • Christina M. "-C" - Get the current year'sEach year the most up to date copy of this is really useful for those hoping to get into medical school.
  • V. Torres - Once again a fantastic trip!Our group was mostly children under 9 this time around. I told my sis-in-laws about my plan to use this guide having used it once before. They were pleasantly surprised it worked! They told me they have never been on more than a couple rides before this. We went on almost everything we could. Even had time to meet characters and see the beautiful light show at California Adventure. I will always use this guide!