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  • Julie W. Snyder "Inviting friends to pie on t... - A Great Summer or Winter read!This book is on the reading list of my book group.

    It's summer, the living is easy and this is a perfect beach/pool read.
    Characters are minimal and fairly well developed.
    There are two time periods in the book (the twenties and the fifties) and the plot switches back & forth between the two, but I didn't find this confusing. In fact I sort of enjoyed the mystique about how they were connected.
    The plot was interesting enough to keep my attention, yet not too heavy and/or complicated that I couldn't pick up the book easily at a later time.
    Actually, a believable plot for once - and that's been all too rare recently.
    I have always been fascinated by perfume and this book introduced me to a new vocabulary and processes of the perfume industry.
    Loved the cover design!

    I read an Amazon review that revealed way too much of the plot - that was a regret!
    I like the design of the cover, but the actual brand new dust jacket was sort of tacky (sticky) and I had to remove it so I could read the book.
    If you are expecting a sexy romance - don't get your hopes up - its not there.

    This was simply an enjoyable "trip" and I want to read more by this author.
  • K. Hill - Dangerously Delicious!I am not a drinker, but I love this wine. This is perfect for those like me who don't enjoy the taste of alcohol. I tried another Moscato a few weeks back and it took me two hours to finish a small half glass. Usually wine, no matter how fruity or delicious is smells, tastes like cold medicine to me. Not so with this one. That's why I call it dangerously good. It's easy to drink and so delicious that I have no trouble finishing a glass. I also appreciated that there was a handwritten note thanking me for my order on the invoice.
  • Sam Scherf - How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck by Steve StockmanAfter spending hours in libraries and book stores "this was the book for me". I had even purchased another 'how to' video book that cost over three times as much. Even a 'Dummies' book covered subjects (How to Hire Actors, How to rent equipment, etc.) that most hobbyists will never need.

    This book gets right down to things that need to be done (brainstorming, practice exercises, observing neuounces on TV programs, movies and human nature) before you can make a video that people will enjoy watching. The biggest shocker for me was counting the seconds that one 'shot' (time period that one 'camera angle' was recorded during a (any) movie or TV show). Almost all are less than 10 seconds and most are in the 5 second range. This book explains why our brain needs these 'changes' to keep us interested. It shows us what we can do with a single camcorder to record the same interest generating shots in our videos.

    There are 76 chapters in the book. Here's some of my favorites: Entertain or Die; Instant Creativity; Know your Audience; Know your story; Make Every Picture Tell the Story; Think in Shots; Always Leave Them Wanting; Don't Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes; Shoot the Details; and Clarity Is the Prime Directive. The author even provides a website that shows the results of using his suggestions.

    The list price is $13.95. Amazon's price, delivered, was less than that.