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  • Candy "bbq princess" - Use is properlyI think a lot of people who find that this product doesn't work for them may not be using it properly. I've been using the foundation for 5 years. I'm 59 yrs old. The first time I used it, I used too much, and didn't "swirl" it in with the brush enough. Then my daughter showed me how to use it. I've used it ever since, and always get compliments about my complexion. I love the way it feels (like you're not wearing foundation) and I don't have to constantly touch it up all day. I have moderately dry skin, and use a moisturizer a few minutes before applying the foundation. It goes on so beautifully when you apply is correctly and don't use too much. It truly gives your complexion an even, youthful glow. I love it!
  • Kit Sewell - Great Book!This is a great book for someone who is having back, neck or knee problems. I have the video by Esther which helps to understand the book better. However, I was having back, neck and knee problems which the doctors only know how to treat with pain meds. The meds didn't help correct the problems, but the Gokhale method did and it works. You can go to her web site for some very helpful information and if you want order the video. Plus, she offers some free work shops on her site. As for the group work shops, I took one when it came to Sacramento and it was worth every penny. Recommended for those who want to have and need a hands on experience with the techniques.