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  • Jose Lopez "Jose Lopez" - Extremely Funny And In your Face.apparently touched a Nerve.

    Looking at all the Reviews, Some which I suspect never even open the book,
    Who hate Coulter and put their silly tags on here, It seems just to annoy people like this you should buy the book,sure it's a little in your face.but You have to admit She Has got **** to tell like it is,to these cowards.

  • Brunette Librarian - Heartbreaking and gripping

    Everyone knows the story of Elizabeth Smart, or at least the most bare bones details. She was taken from her home in the dead of night in June of 2002 by David Mitchell, a self-proclaimed prophet. She was 14 years old at the time and taken from her bed that she happened to be sharing with her younger sister. She was to be another of his “wives.” Helping him in his evil planning and kidnapping was his wife, Wanda Barzee. They kept Elizabeth, inflicting terrible physical, mental, and sexual abuse for almost nine months.

    Well written, Elizabeth tells in her own words the events leading up to her rescue and the hellish events that took place during her captivity. Raped daily, forced to take drugs and alcohol, and regularly threatened the lives of her family. I think what really got to me was the emotional and mental toll Elizabeth had during these nine months. On the outside, this is absolutely horrific, but once you factor in a 14 year old girl was going through this, with her 14 year old insecurities and views of the world, it will blow your mind and break your heart.

    Smart’s My Story is a testament to human survival and hope for the future. Having seen Elizabeth speak, I think my enjoyment of the book was enhanced. Heartbreaking but with a beautiful ending, My Story will show that there is true evilness in this world while also showing there is still love.

  • janambm - The Recording Merrily Deserves

    Having listened to the OBCR over and over again, I was thrilled to get a chance to see this production, and even more excited to hear they were recording it. I can't imagine a better recording than this one. All the songs are done wonderfully, and the dialogue isn't too much, but just enough to give you a sense of the show if you haven't seen it. Encores! is an amazing thing, and even though I still think of this show as flawed, I'm so glad to have this beautiful recording.

  • Sean R. Heritage - Living A Life Well Spent

    Last summer a good friend of mine passed away and I remember sitting by his bed with him and his fiancee when the Doctors told him there was nothing left that they could do to cure his illness. With the same grace he displayed throughout his life, he accepted the news and when the room cleared leaving only the three of us we talked about the remaining days. We asked him about the things he wanted us to do with him and/or on his behalf with the time he had left (he would be confined to hospice for the remainder). We asked him if there was any "unfinished business" that he might need us to tend to. He had been ill for a while and therefore even more deliberate than usual about how he spent his time, with whom he spent it, and the experiences he accumulated as time dissipated. He had done everything he wanted in his short life, he had tended to the business that would take care of loved ones once he was gone, and he had no regrets and no unfinished business about which to think over what was his last couple of weeks. Though his life was full, as Todd Henry would say, he lived in such a way that he would soon "Die Empty".

    I loved "The Accidental Creative" (Todd's first book), read Todd's blog regularly, and listen to each of his podcasts...Inspiring! "Die Empty" is's even better!! I aspire to live a life that leads me to feeling the same way my good friend did during his final days. That life requires us to spend a large portion of our time outside of our comfort zone, to reclaim our curiosity, and to stop talking about the "hypothetical value" of our ideas. Life is about action. Life is about doing. Life is about fulfillment and follow through. This book reminds us that passion is about suffering, not just enjoyment. And that if we care enough to "Die Empty", we need to be willing to suffer for the people and things we hold most dear. Reading this book may not be easy and it may make it a little more difficult to look yourself in the mirror today. However, by reading, heeding, and practicing the teachings we will all likely appreciate what we see as we reflect on our actions when our life comes to a close.

  • polar bear "pb" - Highly recommended

    I have been using Kaspersky software since 2006, and have had no problems that I wasn't able to resolve by myself. Their software is easy to install and does not slow down my laptop. I also like the fact that the software doesn't interfere with any other software, unless there is a potential danger. I have used Norton and McAfee , before switching to Kaspersky, and wasn't impressed with either of them. If you purchase this software, you will not be disappointed.