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  • Kris Sky - Dermatend is amazing!I've had a mole on the side of my neck my whole life & always wanted it gone! I thought only an expensive treatment at the dermatologist could get rid of it. I've heard of other home therapies but most reviews are disappointing. I'm so used to getting products that don't live up to their advertisement & never do what they claim, beauty & skincare products, diet products etc...but Dermatend is not one of those false promise products! It's amazing & I couldn't be happier. I prepped the surface as instructed, scratched it with the toothpick & emery board provided, then applied the product. The instructions said to expect a slight stinging sensation, but when I barely noticed anything I was afraid it wasn't working. I left the product on longer than the 40 mins required (just in case) & when I washed it off the mole turned blackish. The next day it was hard & felt dried up like a scab. By the third day it was itchy & I was getting anxious for it to fall off. I was looking at it in the magnifying mirror & noticed the bottom edge starting to peel away from my skin. The instructions clearly said DO NOT pick at the scab, just let it fall off in it's own time but I accidently pulled it loose & it was still a little raw underneath. I feared that I ruined the results. There were slight raised edges, possibly the last of the mole that Dermatend was still working on (which I interrupted) so I dabbed on another drop of the cream which scabbed over & peeled away over the next 2 days. The mole is completely gone & the skin healed wonderfully. I can't stop touching my skin there, still amazed to feel the smooth surface where the mole used to be. To all the skeptics out there, I'm one too & I'm telling you Dermatend works. I'm self conscious about many things, acne why not get rid of the mole you hate if it's this quick & easy.
  • Carl L. Chase - Who knew?When I initially bought this book, it was because I was intrigued by the possibility of a healing substance not generally recognized by the Medical Industry. I was not disappointed. I have been using H2O2 in my home therapy for Cancer for months now, and am seeing great results!
  • Gary X - So far so goodI moved to Norton from McAfee, having been fed up with crashes and poor performance with that product. So far Norton has been working great - the UI at the very least is very fast and responsive, unlike McAfee.

    One funny thing about the product version - you end up getting the exact same thing whether you purchase NIS 2013 (priced at $25 as of Oct '13) or NIS 2014 (at full price $79). After installing NIS 2013, log on to Norton web site and check for product update, and you'll be ask to re-install with the latest version. Basically the product purchase entitles you to a 1-year subscription to the latest stuff, whichever version you start out with. I certainly hope you read this review before buying the 2014 version.

    Another tip - run the Amazon downloaded binary install only on the first PC. Register the product after the installation. On your 2nd and 3rd PC, log on to Norton website and install there so you start off with the most up-to-date binary.
  • GEM-COLLECTOR - TOO MANY INSPIRATIONAL GEMS TO PASS UP!I've been gathering words of wisdom, guidelines for a mindful life, and tips for traveling a virtuous path, for the last 40 years. I was surprised to find "Bend, Not Break," one of the most inspirational books I've ever read! Unlike self-help or philosophy books, the fact that it's a memoir, steeped in the modern day business world, makes it doubly powerful. Ping Fu offers invaluable life lessons in every chapter about overcoming adversity, empowering others, and believing in yourself.

    For me, the biggest gem appeared in Chapter 6 ("Who can say what is good or bad?") when Ping Fu realized that her fears undermined her confidence in pursuing her rightful path. "...during those dark hours, I kept reminding myself: it's all about love. Blaming others, being fearful and angry, acting vengefully, building resentment, destroying trust--these negative responses to trying situations suck us into a downward spiral and sap our energy, like water spinning down a drain. The only way to triumph in business and in life is to love what we do, and love our customers, our colleagues, our investors, and our community. Love even the people who drive us crazy, those who undermine us, and those who fail us, offering them compassion and forgiveness." (p185).

    The truth is that Life is too short. Our energy is too limited. Therefore, you must choose carefully how you want to spend your time, energy and resources. As Ping Fu writes: "Our choice is how to interpret what happens to us on our journeys and how to treat the people we meet along the way. Our choice, always, is to love and to understand." (p197)--or not. But what have you gained if you choose to focus on the negative? Would you rather die a bitter person? I'd rather continue hunting for the gems that allow me to enrich my understanding of humanity, and follow a happier path.