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  • Linda Buchanan - Read It Now and Change Your Life,

    This book is a fabulous combination of quotable research, personal experiences and practical suggestions for ways to change your behavior to have an impact. I just retired from a 40 year work life and have lived every experience Sheryl describes. i wish i had had her advice on how to change my behavior. It would have had such an impact on my career and on those around me. But it's not too late! i'm giving a copy to every person I know - female and male - and will (hopefully effectively) speak up when I see something that limits us all from meeting our full potential.

  • bluespike9651 - Wow!

    The tablet is worth the price; that's for sure! I can say that the shipping was superb in timing and also handling of the product. I depend on the Transformer Prime!

  • Susan Byron - Slow down to catch the Irish up!

    Rick Steves' advice to mix intense periods (of sightseeing) with relaxed periods (in good pubs with music) in your itinerary, is so true of Ireland. Any trip can be a box ticking exercise of go-to's and must-see's but if you want to experience Ireland and engage with its people and culture, which truly is as unique as Rick describes, you have got to slow down to catch the Irish up! Getting rooted or staying two nights instead of one is also very good advice, it is far more relaxing and besides distances can be deceptive. What looks like a straight forward drive from A to B can and often does take hours which is absolutely fine if you are not on a mission. Rick's Ireland at a glance is excellent and his practical background advice re planning a trip to Ireland is comprehensive and faultless. All in all, a very good guide to Ireland, Susan Byron Irish Travel Writer.

    Ireland's Hidden Gems - Where to Eat, Sleep & Play in Ireland 2013

    Ireland's Hidden Gems - Things To Do

  • N. Caruso - It's a favorite!

    My daughter loves the LeapPad 2! We purchased this for her when she was 2 1/2 and and right away she was able to play with it and figure out most of the features completely by herself. It's also a lifesaver in the car on long drives. The only drawback I can think of is the added expense of games and apps.