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  • Ronald J. Dougherty - Best All-Around Protection

    Been a Norton subscriber for years. 360 is the best. Love the Identity Safe (stored passwords) the most. I just needed the product key in order to extend my subscription, and this did the trick. Note Symantec did not previously roll your remaining subscription into your renewal; now they do.

  • Floyd Goodrich "Jim G." - High tech heaven

    We had an older set of Panasonic cordless telephones but with the bombardment of nuisance calls I wanted a phone I could block them. I've had this phone for four days now and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. It has dozens of neat features and all are easy to change if wanted. Blocking calls are very easy, about three button presses and the numbers get blocked. We have programed our incoming calls into three groups, family in group 1, friends in group 2, businesses and doctors in group 3. I assigned a different tune for each one so I know what group is calling. If the call isn't from a person in those groups it makes a regular bell ring and you know chances are its a nuisance call. This phone system has it all and I mean all you could want except Blu-tooth. With the ability to block 250 nuisance calls life should be better while trying to watch TV again.

  • captive_audience - It's a 21st century binder for a 21st century life

    As a woman, if I were to make a cute and wacky decision to go become a worker (I'm just the peppy kind of gal who'd do that kind of thing for kicks), I'd like to be in THIS binder for consideration. Maybe a wise but open-minded white male would allow me to use a typewriter, lick stamps, or make coffee for him. With some training, I'll bet I could handle a multiple line push-button phone. Just as long as he'll let me leave in time to make dinner for someone at home!

  • Michael P. Maslanka - Masterpiece of a war novel

    This book belongs with "Red Badge of Courage" and "All Quiet on the Western Front." There are two strains to it. The first is a fresh assessment of history:Meade was a solid general, the right man in the right place;Lee was vain and prideful;Hancock was brave but almost lost the battle by ordering atrillery to fire too soon during Picket's charge. The second, though, is the book's literary quality:you will not forget his description of how men die nor the stink or shit of battle. He is that good a writer. And there are lines that are gems of writing, as in describing Longstreet, before the charge:"his eyes ere dreadful, those of a preacher abandonded to Satan's mercy." First rate.