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  • Earthclot - Love the EZ Turn Ring!

    Thank you Mitt Romney for turning me on to this great binder system! The EZ Turn Ring is so flip-floppy I can choose one woman one day and another one the next, and no one's the wiser. In addition to my women, I've found I can store all sorts of less valuable, unimportant items in these binders, like my personal beliefs, ethics and opinions. And just like with the women, I can flip from one to the next. One day I can believe one thing and the next day I can commit to something entirely different. This is the most clever system ever - I can see why you're so successful!

  • Gracie T - Without TMI-so simple, so amazing.

    Product arrived safely, timely. Everything works!
    This does exactly what it says, exactly how it says it, without chemicals the area concerned remains naturally fresher longer, not uncomfortable or inconvenient.
    The price is a little high but the quality is good.
    I'm not planning to ever use anything else.

    Later I was asked for more specific information on the product so here it is ladies.
    You have a medical grade clear soft plastic open top hanging container to put clean luke warm water in, with a long clear large diameter iv tubing with a clamp on the end to hold the water, attached at the bottom of the container, then a stainless steel very smooth nozzle to stick on the end of the iv tubing.
    1 Clamp the tubing shut,
    2 fill the container with water,
    3 attach nozzle,
    4 insert nozzle comfortably,
    5 unclamp for unpressurized gravitational water flow and internal rinsing.
    Leave plastic parts hanging open to air dry, disconnect ss nozzle, rinse/wash, store upright for draining and air drying.
    I wish I'd found this 30 years ago. It's just too simple...

  • Melvin Hines - Great Read! (as long as you have your thesaurus!)

    Definitely read this book on Kindle, because you will be using the thesaurus a LOT! But other than that, a very good read. It really humanizes essentially every person who had anything to deal with the 2102 race (Well, except for Trump). Regardless of party affiliation, I would definitely recommend! (Spoiler Alert: Obama gets re-elected)

  • K. Prystalski - This book opened my eyes to what I already knew was true.

    I got this book because of a recommendation of poly friend of mine when I developed romantic feelings for a mutual friend who was also poly. I had talked to their relationships in the past, and I didn't have anything wrong with the way they lived their lives, but the idea of it being the way I lived my life too scared me a lot. Would I get jealous? Will someone else hate me? Will there be whispers behind my back in my friend group? It just seemed too overwhelming.

    This book was one of those where, as I read it, I realized I already had this world view, I'd just never articulated it. Men and women *should* be treated as equals, honesty and caring about your lovers' feelings are more important than monogamy, and of course it's possible to love more than one person at once. I laughed out loud a few times, just because I already knew this, but I was comparing my own opinions to our "cultural norms" that say the opposite. I never thought to question the cultural norms, instead I spent all these years questioning my own feelings.

    I also think it's a book that everyone should read. Especially in the first few chapters, there is advice about dating that I have given to my single friends. The chapter about learning to be single is also very touching, and I think it's an important lesson for everyone to learn. I know that some people who need it will end up missing this advice because of who it's targeted to; I just hope they have friends who've read this book.