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  • Amelia Gremelspacher - "I feel the end is very, very near. Darkness is all I see anymore."

    This sentence was said by Adam, a soldier who had in fact returned for Iraq. After saving everyone in a vehicle in which he had been riding, he realized he had forgotten one more man his friend ruined to death, but Adam is at great risk for being lost himself.

    I have never been able to understand how we can send men into horror, teach them to cause and witness death, and expect them to return unchanged. Iraq and Afghanistan have been described as the 360 degree war. War comes from all directions. The enemy may be an old man or a young child. Although the book follows these men into therapy and suicide prevention, it is clear that we are better at killing enemies but not so good about saving our own, this book makes it blisteringly clear, that war is the proverbial hell.

    Whatever your politics, there can be no question we owe the military veteran better. A recent mass shooting shows us the stakes are high. This is one of those books that involve bearing witness. The least we can do is watch unflinching as war shows its cost. Hopefully we can join those who help. The book itself is masterfully written and stands alone as a fine, and non-ironic "thank you." It is a fine accomplishment that this reporter is able to tell the truth without pulling punches, but also not without sensationalism. I would recommend this book to you.

  • Fritz - the WHOLE picture

    This review is not like others explaining how Pink Floyd is the greatest and all others must kneel before them (though they are my favorite band). Instead I bring up a point often overlooked in concern with the Wall. Many "fans" claim this album is decent, with only a few good songs and lots of filler, the problem is that that's not filler. The Wall, like many Floyd albums, is a concept album. the entire album tells a story, the story of an isolated, sad dejected boy who grows up to be a rock star, lives fast takes drugs (comfortably numb) and loses his wife (one of my turns, don't leave me now) and bulids a wall around himself to keep from being hurt or feeling emotions (hence the name, THE WALL) so, while many songs sound like filler try listening to the whole album at once and see if you can understand the subplot. or hey, if you really want to go see the movie they made about it ( aptly tiltled The Wall)

  • Ell Bee "Lin" - Rating may go, no, did go, up!

    Had this four days. The instructions are simple, three sets of ten reps for each of two exercises, but there's one tip you have to take very seriously. You're told to sit up straight when you use this (shades of my mother!) but that's essential. If you do, you'll feel the muscles under the back of your tongue getting a very little bit sore. If you slump, they don't get the workout needed.

    Human bodies, eh? You need an owner's manual to live in one.

    The unit itself is surprisingly sturdy for the low cost. I've been diligent in using it; still, four days is too soon to expect results. But I'll tell you, I expect to edit this review in a month and be able to tell you then that it works.

    Update: have now been using for 1-1/2 weeks. It works! I no longer have the prominent under-chin bulge I did before I began working with the Neck Genie. And I haven't even gotten to the medium-strength spring yet!