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  • Amanda Richards - 5 Stars for FiveIf I had to choose a favorite from Books one to seven in this series, it would be good old number five.

    Stephanie's got bills to pay, and since there are no FTA's to apprehend, she reluctantly accepts Ranger's offer of employment. Of course, Ranger's jobs are never straightforward or well-defined, or even completely above board, and what follows is a delightful display of ineptitude and pure dumb luck, combined with that palpable tension whenever the two meet.

    Throw in a cranky little man, a fake bookie, and the case of the missing Uncle Fred, and you have the funniest adventure of the series. Uncle Fred makes Scrooge look like a philanthropist, and when he disappears there is some concern, but not too many tears. With Stephanie on the case, things turn deadly serious when she discovers some gristly pictures in Uncle Fred's effects, and then the bodies start showing up.

    Going through expensive cars like Snickers bars, she again proves that the only car she is capable of handling is the Buick war tank, and then there's the deranged boxer Ramirez out of jail and trying to save her soul. To crown it all, Joe Morelli is still around to twang her heartstrings and other body parts, and she's got Lula and Grandma Mazur in tow.

    Packed to the edges of the pages with humor, action and the inevitable mayhem, I'd definitely give my "high five" to High Five.

    Amanda Richards May 16, 2005
  • Kay Lynn Franklin "Redwriter1" - It worked immediately!My 18 year old son was diagnosed with UC in May and I was told it was lifelong and incurable and he would be on medicine forever. That's when I fired the Dr. and found this amazing book. I am NO cook! We kept a journal of what he ate, bm's, cramps etc. and I have a whole spreadsheet that proves it works. By day 7 he had no cramping at all, by day 27, regular bowel movements returned.

    I think it's absolutely retarded that Dr's say what you eat has nothing to do with your health........... who trains these people??
  • RGC "RGC" - Great heating pad for people, and works for pets too!This heating pad has 3 big "Pros," 1) the soft cover, 2) the fast (almost instant) warm up time, and 3) the option to have it Not turn off. I have one set up for the cats (on the lowest setting), and they adore it!
    The only "Con" is that there is no removable cover, so if the pad gets dirty, it's not that easy to wash.
    That being said, I still love it.
  • Millicent Conklin - Let's Go Paris!Rick Steves' new edition of Paris is an essential guidebook for visiting Paris without being on a tour. His information on where to stay is excellent because he tends to avoid the "touristy" areas, seeking lively neighborhoods with fun shopping instead. He covers everything from practical tips to history in words anyone can understand.