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  • John W. Graham - Another essential Kaplan referenceI recently reviewed the Kaplan SAT 2011 Premier (with CDROM). This review is similar in many ways.

    Background: I got this book for my stepdaughter, who is a HS Junior.

    As with the other review, I won't parrot the product description or what the book contains, but I will comment on the effectiveness of the book as an ACT prep guide.

    I feel that this reference is essential if you plan on taking the ACT in the near future. The included practice tests, as well as access to online content are valuable resources to provide a competitive edge to the test taker.

    Perhaps the most important thing to note is that buying this book will not increase your ACT score one point unless you develop a ACT prep study plan well ahead of time. Cramming via reading this book a week before the ACT will probably not help you much. You have to have a desire to learn, and a plan to increase your knowledge. In other words, you have to devote the proper amount of time to preparing.

    That said, this book does have some valuable key points, such as answer explanations and tips/strategies to help you get the best ACT score possible. If you will be taking the ACT, you need to know what you are up against, and this book will help you with that.
  • J. Allen - It's a Wonderful MilkA rejected script, long thought lost, until now:

    MEDIUM SHOT -- George behind soda fountain. He is putting on his apron.

    GEORGE: Yes, sir.

    WIDER ANGLE -- Violet Bick enters the drugstore and sits on one of the stools at the fountain. She isthe same height as Mary and the same age, but she is infinitely older in her approach to people.

    VIOLET (with warm friendliness): Hello, George.
    (then, flatly, as she sees Mary)

    VIOLET: 'Lo, Mary.

    MARY (primly): Hello, Violet.

    George regards the two of them with manly disgust. They are two kids to him, and a nuisance. He starts over for the candy counter.

    GEORGE: Two cents worth of shoelaces?

    VIOLET: She was here first.

    MARY: I'm still thinking.

    GEORGE (to Violet): Shoelaces?

    VIOLET: Please, Georgie.

    George goes over to the candy counter.

    VIOLET (to Mary): I like him.

    MARY: You like every boy.

    VIOLET (happily): What's wrong with that?

    GEORGE: Here you are.

    George gives Violet a paper sack containing licorice shoelaces. Violet gives him the money.

    VIOLET (the vamp): Help me down?

    GEORGE (disgusted): Help you down!

    Violet jumps down off her stool and exits. Mary, watching, sticks out her tongue as she passes.

    CLOSE SHOT -- George and Mary at fountain.

    GEORGE: Made up your mind yet?

    MARY: I'll take chocolate.

    George puts some chocolate ice cream in a dish.

    GEORGE: With Tuscan Whole Milk?

    MARY: I don't like milk.

    GEORGE: You don't like Milk! Say, brainless, don't you know where Tuscan Whole Milk comes from? Lookit here -
    - from Tahiti -- Fiji Islands, the Coral Sea! Tuscany, obviously. Say, you're kind of a dumbass, aren't you?

    He pulls a magazine from his pocket and shows it to her.

    MARY: A new magazine! I never saw it before.

    GEORGE: Of course you never, you stupid milk-hater. Only us drinkers of Tuscan Whole Milk, all 128 ozs., can get it. I've been nominated for membership in the National Tuscanic Society. How'd you like to come over to Ma's house and roll in the sack a little before Pop gets home, honey. Bet you'll like milk then.

    He leans down to finish scooping out the ice cream, his deaf ear toward her. She leans over, speaking

    CLOSE SHOT -- Mary, whispering.

    MARY: Is this the ear you can't hear on? George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die.

    She draws back quickly and looks down, terrified at what she has said.
  • MickeyJoe - A worthy annual investment.I had wrote a lengthy review of this version several months ago, and was checking my list and noticed it was missing. We cannot do duplicate reviews, so if this goes through, the other must have accidentally been deleted.

    Therefore, I am here to say that, yes, this is now considered the "old version", but it's still works just fine with updates, and subscription and all the benefits remain superior. There is nothing that could possibly beat Autodesk products. It does wonders on a Mac.

    So please do check out the new version AutoCAD 2013 for Mac -- Includes a 1 year Autodesk Subscription -- your investment will pay for itself in no time.
  • Tenor Jon - Great... but for a certain audienceThis book is fantastically written and is extremely supportive of those who believe Side-B theology on the topic of homosexuality. I preface this review with this statement because it is the perspective from which the book is written and any other perspective will not be able to make sense of it or find it helpful.

    For those who are homosexuals or struggle with homosexuality and believe that it is God's will for them to live celibate lives dedicated to Christ and the Church, this book is highly supportive of it and is very encouraging. Through real stories, including his own, the author portrays a very helpful picture of life as a single, gay, Christian man. It touches on the difficult areas of life that every person in this situation would experience, and gives tips, pointers, and encouragement to get through them. It is full of hope for the redemption of sexuality at the end of time and allows an opportunity to imagine what completeness in Christ could be.

    Overall, for side-b theologians, a great read.

    If you are looking for fodder to slash the Side-B perspective, or are looking for arguments as to *why* homosexuality is wrong, this is not the book. In the introduction the author makes it clear that this book is only helpful for those who have already committed to living a celibate, homosexual lifestyle - the argument is not addressed in a clear or cohesive manner at all since it is not the main goal of the book.
  • Christine Arsenault "Christine" - Cathry Fox Does It AgainCathryn Fox turns crisp white lab coats inside out to reveal two sexy research scientists in her new release, PLEASURE PROLONGED. Erin and Kale are both thirty-something professionals who risk their hearts and reputations when libidos burst out of their experiment and into their lives. Erin is a nose-to-the-grindstone scientist eager to forget her failed engagement and desperate to stop her mother's match-making efforts. When ladies' man Kale returns to town to team up with her at the lab, Erin decides a little saucy fun will work wonders to soften her buttoned-down demeanor. What she doesn't suspect is Kale's recent retirement of his playboy persona. Would Erin welcome the fun if she knew it wasn't a game for Kale any longer?

    Cathryn Fox brings readers along for a sassy ride as Erin and Kale indulge in their playful fantasy. Their lusty abandon is contagious, a refreshing depiction of the science crowd. If the brain is the sexiest organ, then these two researchers heat up the sheets to the one hundredth percentile. Twining emotion between the seduction and the story, Ms. Fox always satisfies, leaving readers sighing for more.