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  • Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren" - Installed with ease!

    I installed this on my two PC's and one Mac ( mac for the safe surfing option ) So far I am extremely impressed and feel that since I installed on my laptop it cleaned up the computer where it isn't crashing and freezing like it used too ( I need to reformat but to lazy ) With other antivirus programs I have issues running my video games ( WOW ) where I have to put in game mode, but with Trendmicro it reconizes and I can play without changing settings.

    I installed on my Mac for the safe surfing option due to friends children use the computer- Works very well to identify sites that could be malicious...

    Its been two months, so far so good.. Nothing but great things to say about this program! :)

  • Amalfi Coast Girl - Very informative book, worth a try for relief from GI issues

    Like many people I suffered from intermittent intestinal problems for many years. I purchased this book over a decade ago trying to determine what was wrong since the doctors could not pinpoint the problem. This book is very informative and gives the reader another option for moderating the problem without meds or surgery.

    The book is laid out as follows:

    1. Past and Present
    2. Scientific Evidence Relating to Diet
    3. Intestinal Microbes: The Unseen World
    4. Breaking the Vicious Cycle
    5. Carbohydrate Digestion
    6. Beyond Gluten
    7. The Brain Connection
    8. Introducing the Diet
    9. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet
    10. Recipe Section

    This book is geared primarily to people with Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Celiac Disease (not cured by gluten-free diet), Cystic Fibrosis, Diverticulitis and Chronic Diarrhea.

    The prescription is what the author calls a "Specific Carbohydrate Diet". This diet excludes carbohydrates other than fruits, honey, properly prepared yogurt, vegetables and nuts. However, this diet is relaxed in some ways once diarrhea has cleared.

    The author offered a couple sample daily menus and gives specific lists of allowed and non-allowed foods. Approximately 100 pages of the book are devoted to recipes. Since the recipes are gluten free they are good for people watching their carbohydrates. Please note that they are not carbohydrate free since this diet does advocate honey and yogurt. This book does have bread recipes, which are made with nut flours. The cheese bread made with almond meal is surprisingly tasty. There is also a pumpkin cookie with nut flour that is nice, and reasonably low in carbohydrates since the recipe only includes 3/4 cup of honey for 4-dozen cookies.

    This plan relieved some of my intestinal disturbances. However, I was eventually able to determine that animal products were my problem not carbohydrates. Not exactly the answer that I was hoping for, but at least I found relief. If this plan doesn't work for you consider "Eat to Live" by Dr. Fuhrman. After years of trying every diet variation to find the answer to my GI problems that is ultimately the one that offered 100% relief for me. I will be the first one to admit that the "Specific Carbohydrate Diet" tasted better which is why I tried it first.

  • Jsfrog - Great printer - Installation Issues Addressed

    I just unboxed and installed our new 451dn. Given the hesitation I had in purchasing this product after reading some of the reviews, I thought I might help others by addressing the installation, invasive software, and memory issues others have described:

    1. Driver software installation: HP shipped the driver software on an included CD. After reading the reviews citing problems with installing the software from the printer, I decided to try the CD instead. Clean/easy install. Reviewer D. Matheny points out you can also download the driver off the HP website, but the CD saves that tiny bit of time, plus it checks for any updates during the install. I was able to customize which parts of the software I wanted as another reviewer described, also. Only thing I chose not to install (With the first install! See #2 below.) was HP's "Product Improvement Study," as I do not choose to be part of some study and I read elsewhere that it can be an annoyance.

    2. Invasive software complaint: During installation I didn't see any sort of "monitoring program" reviewer Joanna Ward complained about, and that reviewer YiANNI said you could choose not to install. YiANNI does explain why HP would want people to use their cartridges, and HP makes that case on their web site. However, even though I ALWAYS use genuine HP cartridges from reputable suppliers (had a very bad experience with non-HP cartridges gumming up another printer plus printing with awful quality), I am in agreement with Joanna and do not want an "Authentication" dialog popping up. I THOUGHT I had taken care of that by choosing Custom Installation, and deselecting the check mark next to "Product Improvement Study" per #1 above, BUT, a few minutes later the Authentication box did pop up on my screen. I wasn't even printing at the time - it just popped up. I tried clicking "Authenticate," thinking it would validate that my cartridges were genuine then go away and not bother me anymore, but it said the validation had not worked and I could "Try Again." After trying again twice and the process not working, I knew the annoying "Authentication" dialog box would keep coming back, and back, and back... like a virus.

    OK, so I went to my computer's Control Panel and uninstalled all the HP driver software, then reinstalled it from the CD. This time, I deselected the boxes under Custom Installation next to three things to be sure: "HP Product Improvement Study" as before, plus "HP Printer Status and Alerts" and "HP Update." So far so good. I turned the printer on and off and printed several pages and no "Authentication" annoying virus popup box, ahem, I meant "Authentication" dialog box, has appeared.

    3. Reviewer Joe Cambridge mentioned insufficient memory at 128 Mb, and that also slowed my purchase decision as my old printer had insufficient memory. Certainly a valid concern, and it looks like HP listened to Joe. The printer I received has 192 Mb - a big improvement over my old printer's single digit Mb memory.

    Finally - I do like this printer a lot. Very clean, nice document and web site printing. I just tried printing a photo of a sunset, too, and it's almost photo quality. A huge improvement over our old HP laser printer that was 6.5 years old. Right now the printer is on but sitting there completely silent, waiting for its next job. Not noisy when printing, either, and quite fast. Good duplexing - our last printer had duplexing, too - it's a great feature to have. So if you address the issues above to your own preference, I do highly recommend this printer.