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  • Angela R. Hartlove "mask collector" - Large and soft and amazing!

    I don't know if I love this more than my cats do, because any time it's out (on OR off) they are perched on it. I have used this a ton since I got it, and with 6 different heat levels and an optional 2-hour shut-off setting, this is a winner! I love how soft it is, and how large of an area it will heat. Worth every penny!

  • Pete - They're unlocking the bootloader!

    Edit: 1/10/2012
    Today, I updated the tablet to ICS. Most noticeable difference? No slow down after prolonged use!
    A little pissed about TF 700, but good luck waiting 6,7,8 months for it! I recommend buying now, all the power for $100 less Also, I took it outside today and had 10 satelites locked in less than 15 seconds to a 30-40ft accuracy.

    I ordered the Transformer Prime from Best Buy after my amazon pre order was cancelled. I found it using After ordering 12/29, the tablet was shipped 1/2 and arrived today, 1/4. Anyways.

    The build of the tablet is amazing, I had a Tf 101 that I picked up to have a tablet to play with over Christmas, and this one is a massive improvement. Holding the 101 in one hand I always thought it was going to snap in half. The prime is much lighter and more solidly built. I can't distort the screen at all by applying pressure around the front and back of the tablet.

    Honeycomb is still mediocre, but Asus made two nice touches. You can quit programs with a little x in the recent programs softkey, and the notification sidebar has several helpful alterations. ICS is coming in a week, and after running it on my Droid x, I feel confident that it will really improve the users experience. I also don't hate typing on this tablet, which I'm doing right now. I switched from the Asus keyboard to the android one. The ASUS one has a ridiculous layout with keys directly on top of each other, but maybe that's normal in Taiwan.

    Gaming has been very smooth, on Riptide, Shine Runners and Glowball I'm genuinely impressed with the graphics.

    The amount of negative reviews for the bootloader, which will be addressed by Asus is really disheartening. I hope those people change their reviews, even though Asus did a good job slaughtering this product launch. As the first quad Core tablet with ICS, I think this tablet will stay relevant for a good while.

  • Buzz "HLE in Massachusetts" - A NutriBullet instead of a pricey Vita Mix suits me

    I had a very old VitaMix which could as usual make a smoothie. It wasn't what I needed but I couldn't afford a VitaMix up in the hundreds of dollars. I saw the NutriBullet demo and was perduaded, I use it almost every day and have many more uses to explore. I can store the parts in my cupboard and was happy to say good-bye to the VitaMix hogging space on my counter.