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  • Wizzo - Favorite "flavor" in the regular line up.

    Wen user exclusively for a few years now. I love the seasonal flavors but this is my favorite of the regular ones. I find it more moisturizing than the almond mint and less cooling than the mint and also the lavender which was my previous fave. The mild cooling sensation is from the menthol ingredient but it is either not present in the pomegranate or not as noticeable. The scent is very nice. Some reviewers didn't find it so but I disagree. It smells exactly like the fruit it is named for. Nothing more or less. Works great. Would never go back to shampoo and conditioner.

  • Dan - Attaining and Maintaining Optimal Health

    For those who are searching for ways to attain and maintain optimal health, this book is a must. It is based on solid evidence and clinical experience. In just seven days, the treatment got rid of a cancerous spot on my face. The treatment was simple, easy to implement and inexpensive. (The standard methods of surgery, radiation or toxic drugs were not needed.) If the potential of this approach was fully realized, there would be huge cost saving in our health care system and more satisfied customers in our society. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • sheena - i love my Janome dc2012

    I had the best Christmas when my mom bought my first sewing machine this past year AMD it was this Janome dc2012. I've been wanting it for months but the hubby kept trying to buy me a cheap one that I refused unless I had my dream machine ;) my mom got it for me and now I'm enjoying learning to sew! I am a beginner and have made pillowcase dresses and pj pants for my kids so far! It's easy and amazing! Love it!!!

  • Matt Turner - Looking for a Cheap Way to Rejuvenate your Computer? Try This Drive.

    Recently, my 2009 MacBook pro has been lagging a bit. After a little research, I discovered that an SDD (which replaces a spinning disk type mechanism in your hard drive) is the best thing you can do for your computer to improve its speed. This specific drive is middle-of-the-road when it comes to SSD speed statistics, but is considered more stable than its predecessors or than similarly priced drives according to expert reviews I've read (I cannot really make comparisons, as this is the only drive I've used). I will just summarize those reviews and say that these drives have about a 300% less chance of failing within five years, while giving decent SSD specs and blowing HDD's out of the water.

    In fact, this drive, one of the most inexpensive I found, has made my computer almost like new. I also doubled the RAM memory in my machine from 4 GB to 8 GB, which is an even easier upgrade - but just be aware it probably affected the performance numbers I measured below in addition to the installation of the SSD.

    Before I installed this drive, I measured my start-up time at between 32-35.3 seconds. Now, it takes between 9-12 seconds. I measured the time it took to open Microsoft Word at between 10-12 seconds. It now takes 2.0-3.1 seconds. Otherwise, I have noticed an overall vast performance in my computer's speed in everyday tasks.

    All this with about 1 hour of actual hands-on work, though the data transfer process took me a few hours.

    In short, if there is one thing you need to revamp your computer's speed and performance, it's a solid state hard drive. This is about as inexpensive as they come, with measured vast improvements. Moreover, it's easy to install. Just google "replace HDD with SSD", and you'll find several excellent, step-by-step guides to help! Recently I replaced the hard drive with an SSD on my fiancee's laptop, a Dell machine running windows 7, and found the process to be a little more difficult but still quite doable. (To be fair, I'm more familiar with Mac's OS, so Windows people might very well have the opposite problem.)

    In the end, you can put off buying an expensive new computer for a few hundred bucks and still have comparable performance to brand new machines.


  • Jane Hinrichs "Artist and Writer" - Kate did it again!

    Kate did it again! This book is delightful!!!! I loved the story. I loved the characters, and I loved the ending. It was absolutely perfect, true to the story and an absolutely wonderful ending. This book rates up there with Kate's other books, like The Magician's Elephant, but is totally different.

    Thank you Kate for a wonderful story!!