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  • Don Reese - Easy to followI've used H&R block products for about 7 years now since buying my duplex and needing the rental income information of the program. It's a nice step by step walkthrough to make sure you get those deductions you have coming. Most questions can be answered via the Help links included, and access to live help is available if needed.
  • A. Kubacki - Great ProductMy doctor recommended this product, and after almost three weeks, I have to say that I do feel better. I am more comfortable and going more normally. With IBS, this is not often the case. I would recommended this product to anyone with IBS.
  • C. Funk - Great Product!I purchased and received my derma wand 2-3 weeks ago. I read through the pamplet prior to using it, and did a few of the extra treatments that were suggested in the pamplet. I saw immediate results in the diminshing of my forehead wrinkles and my eyes were lifted immediately, though the effects lasted temporarily. With each use I notice my wrinkles and the bags under my eyes are diminishing, my pores are shrinking, and my skin is firmer. I, too, have had a few pimples, and my skin seems oilier, but it possibly can have something to do with the face products I use. I alternate between Principal Secrets and Reviva's products.. but have many others in my arsenal against aging (I am a skin care product junkie.. hehe).
    I will be 52 years old in 2 days, though I am told I look much younger.. (It may just be people trying to stroke my ego, as well.. hehe) I also started using the Tua Viso Electronic Unit for Facial Gymnastics about 6 weeks ago, which I really like, too, but it is very time consuming, so I have cut down to every other day on that, but the derma wand just takes 5 minutes twice a day, and you are done. Great product!