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  • Larry Hoffer - As beautiful as its setting...One day in 1962, a speedboat approaches a small Italian village hidden in the cracks of the mountains. The boat bears a young American actress who has been sent from the set of Cleopatra because she is terminally ill (not to mention having an affair with one of the married actors). The actress, Dee Moray, stays at the small Hotel Adequate View, run by young Pasquale Tursi, and his relationship with the actress and the events that unfold following her arrival change the course of his life in many ways.

    In present day Hollywood, an elderly Italian man shows up at a movie studio looking for a producer, hoping the man can help him find the woman who stayed at his hotel many years before. What he doesn't understand is how much the producer has to gain--and lose--by helping with this mission.

    Jess Walter's poetic Beautiful Ruins switches between 1960s Italy and the present day, as well as times and locations in between. It is a story of love and loss, of realizing your destiny and shouldering your responsibilities, and how you never quite lose the dreams you have. Walter's characters are well-drawn (even the real-life ones) and they hook you pretty quickly. While the shifting of time and place became a little confusing once the book added settings beyond Italy and Hollywood, I fell in love with the story. I found this beautifully written and utterly compelling, the stuff of nostalgia. Definitely read this.
  • A. Siegel - Success!The size I purchased states, removes four/4 moles, warts & skin tags, however, I've already used it on seven and have quite a bit of dermatend left to remove more. This product is indeed very stong, and a little bit does the job, as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

    I first used dermatend on two two weeks ago today, and they've been healing rapidly. The next day I treated three more, two of which are coming along nicely, the third one was flatter (but still slightly raised), and apparently less deep then the others, so there's no divot to heal from within, and it's now a light pinkish skin, with no scar.
    I used dermatend on a seventh (the flattest one) a few days ago. This one was tricky since it was hard to scratch just the mole, where as the others were easy to scratch since they were raised. There is a tiny scab, but not sure if it's enough to effect the entire mole, we'll see. It seemed I scratched all of the others enough (they turned sort of pinkish, just short of making them bleed)because I did experience the stinging sensation (although not as long as stated in the instructions) after applying the product.
    The small size doesn't come with the healing balm, but I've been applying Vitamin E oil I have in my medicine cabinet which is aiding in the healing.

    I took a chance buying dermatend, but since there's a money back guaruntee I felt I wasn't wasting money if I didn't get results. I'm very satisfied and happy with the results of dermatend! I hope you'll get the same results!
  • John Kolker "JK" - This product is so simple and it works!As a parenting alone father of 2 teenagers - this program really helped me get things under control - I used to have troubled teens - Now I have teens that understand what is expected of them and that I am the PARENT first and their friend next - this program works - If you are looking for it - then I am sure it is going to work better than whatever you are currently doing - take back control of your home - no more screaming or yelling...
  • Jay Stevens - Hugely UnderratedI'm not a classic Floyd fan. I didn't grow up during their time, and I wasn't fortunate enough to have a parent, brother, sister or friend attempt to force them upon me in my youth. I knew of Pink Floyd, but I didn't know them. It wasn't until "Division Bell" was released did I even attempt to consume what Floyd had to offer. "Take It Back," not surprisingly, was the song that first caught my attention. So I bought "Division Bell." My first Floyd album. That was 10 years ago. I was 18.
    Fast forward to 2002. I don't know what happened. I can't explain it. I had owned "Division Bell" for 8 years. But I still didn't get it. Until one day - I got it. I love this record. It's gorgeous. It's majestic. And it's oh so David Gilmour. I suppose that's the point. I became a serious David Gilmour fan. And a serious Pink Floyd fan, too. For 2 years now I've traveled the long and glorious history of Pink Floyd. From Syd to Dave. From pre Dark side to post Dark Side. All the way to "Division Bell" - my proverbial pot of gold. In a way, I feel bad for long time Floyd listeners. I can genuinely see how "Division Bell" might be difficult to digest. My unsolicited recommendation is this - empty your mind of all pre conceived ideas of what and who Pink Floyd are and try to listen to "Division Bell" as a clean slate. Maybe "Division Bell" isn't Pink Floyd. Maybe it is. In my opinion, it doesn't matter. "Division Bell" stands on it's own as a classic piece of work - no matter who created it.
  • William G. M. Leslie III - Very Durable ProductI purchased a gallon of this milk on the 15th of November, 2005. It arrived on the 23rd of November via FREE Super Saver Shipping (5-9 business days).

    As of the 16th of November 2008, I have not yet opened my milk but it seems to have held-up pretty well considering I still haven't gotten around to refrigerating it (yet).

    I purchased this product because a friend had suggested vegan milk, which I tried, but gave it up because of the difficulty of finding lactating vegans who didn't mind being milked (make sure you ask before trying!)

    Anyhow, the milk appears to have solidified a wee bit but I'm sure some warm water will set it right. Highly recommended (I would have given it a better review but I haven't tried it yet so my review is more about the nice packaging and the fact that it hasn't evaporated yet.)