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  • radium226 - great cable, but heed the directionality warningFirst of all, this cable works great, AS LONG AS YOU CONNECT IT PROPERLY. The vibration damping alloys increased efficiency of my system by 15%. In fact, the flux capacitor now kicks in at just over 76 mph! Unfortunately, that's where my good fortunes ended. It turns out, since the directionality is NOT clearly marked, I actually had it connected backwards the first time. Not only did I end up shifting the entire universe in time instead of myself, but I had to spend 3 hours explaining myself to the department of Temporal Investigations. And believe me, those guys have no sense of humor. At any rate, I was eventually able to repair most of the damage, and as it turns out, causality is not nearly as important as most people would think.

    Anyway, I highly recommend this product, but do make sure you connect it properly. I'll update this review once I've purchased and installed the product.
  • "sarafinasr" - Finally found what I was looking for!Due to constant poor health with no cause that any doctor could find, this book was recomended by a family friend when I was 15. Most unfortunately, I did not open it until I was 20. As I looked through it,I was amazed to find the answer I have been looking for for years. Yeast is more than an infection "down there," it can affect your whole life, causing fatigue, depression, weak immune system, irritability and more. This book gives examples of personal experience, which I could finally relate to. It explains how yeast can effect you, why it is there, and what you can do about it- which can be as easy as changing your diet in some cases. This was my saving grace! I took the book to my doctor and had to tell her what was wrong with me, since they never thought to look at yeast. After some testing, it was determined that this was indeed my problem, and now I am doing much better. If you think this may be your problem, read this! It could improve your life tremendously.