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  • sciontist - Fun game so far...I've been playing this game for about 24 hours now and I have to say I'm somewhat hooked on the game. There are some things about the game that are different compared to Diablo 2. Who am I to judge, this is Diablo 3 after all. Some things that were taken out are the scroll of town portal and identify. Also, the player no longer has the ability to assign points to their characters attributes, its done automatically. The gameplay is overall the same but the player now has the ability to use different types of abilities during the game compared to before where the only ability you had was assigned to the right mouse button. I haven't explored multiplayer yet but I will probably do so some time in the future. For most people, this game probably won't be a good buy. But if you are a Diablo fan and want to see how the story continues, get the game.
  • Carsh - Form your own opinonI have read many of the reviews here and one in particular stuck in my mind. It is written by someone who admits to only skimming the book but feels it is appropriate to express opinions as fact. I find it sad that many have replied to her thanking her for saving them the money and wasted time.

    I have READ the first 3 chapters so far and have found that this individuals opinions are not based on the information in THIS book! I feel that the information presented and the medical explanations behind the information to be reasonable.

    It is likely that everyone who looks at this book has tried a number of things to try to lose weight before and either didn't keep it off, didn't lose at all or is just open to learn about a different approach.

    My point is please don't let one person (who has not read the book and has probably not even tried it for a day let alone long enough to know anything about it) make your choice for you.

    I'm going to continue reading and I will try it for myself to see what my results are, how I feel and if the approach outlined is something that will work in my life.

    I invite you to do the same as I have also read the success stories that can be found easily on Google. They can't all be wrong??