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  • P. Reed - Truly amazing.I had the good fortune to try out one of these cables, and I can say that it really is worth every penny. The only bad thing I can say is that it did take me a few tries to get it plugged in the right direction, but that wasn't too bad. I immediately noticed that my sound quality was much clearer and the bass was much more vibrant. I even broke out my oscilloscope and confirmed that the bits transmitted through this cable have much more clearly-defined edges than any standard ethernet cable; you can really tell how crisp the ones and zeroes are. They also had twice the amplitude; I was truly amazed that Denon was able to cram so much bit amplitude into an ethernet cable.

    I hope that they decide to sell a 6'-long version of this cable that is certified for us with PCs, as I would love to get this sort of clarity on my normal network traffic. Until then, I'll have to settle for chaining a few of these together.
  • 7DogNight - Best Probiotic on the MarketIt's good and it works to stabilize the digestive system. My husband was thought to have suffered an allergic reaction to some medication he was given. After much trial and error on the part of one doctor, his new doctor put him on Align - no more problems! Other probiotics have never delivered the benefits of Align - heartily recommend it.
  • Tracy - Amazing BookThis book is a must read if you need help understanding the book of Revelation. John Shorey really brings light on this part of God's word. Most churches today only preach the feel good side of pre-tribulation rapture. But after reading this book you will come to see that it is more likely going to be a mid-tribulation rapture. We as christians need to get ready!