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  • Rudolfo - The best album they ever did

    This is truly a masterpiece of fine art. I love every song. I cannot seem to understand how it is that there are actually people out there that can find it in themselves to tear down Roger's best work and say that people who like this album are basically idiots with no sense of good music. A lot of people, including that reviewer I aforementioned, were probably turned off ny the length of the songs. But this was simply another way that the album thumbed its nose at the recording industry. After Wish you were here and dark side, PF were being pressured to turn out another radio-friendly album. Instead Roger put his creative genius to work and presented us with Animals, a work of modern art.

  • mzjensgoodfinds - Love this stuff!

    I received a free sample from Smiley360 of this cold sore medicine to try and tell all my friends about! I love trying new things and was especially excited to try oragel since I already like the medicine for tooth aches. This was just as good. I get a few cold sores a year so I was glad to get medicine to help!

  • N.R. Tolkien - Excellent study tool and great author

    This is the main book I used to study for the SAT a few cycles ago back in high school, and I have to say it's perhaps the best non-ETS SAT book on the market. What makes it especially nice is its personable style it's written in; the authors have put in considerable effort into learning the student's perspective and writing every lesson from in a way the STUDENT would do best. My other SAT preparation arsenal happened to include The CollegeBoard Official 10 Tests (which you should also get) and Barron's SAT, but I found that while both of those have their own strengths--which shouldn't be discounted at all--, they aren't written on a level that is as personable as this one. (For instance, their explanations use much more "technical" language that a student may not necessarily find as meaningful as the language in this one.)

    And to add to the book's strengths, what is unique is how the author graciously makes himself accessible via e-mail if you have any questions you, the student, want to write in. I wrote an e-mail to the address given inside the book and was very surprised that the prompt response next morning came to me from Mr. Chris Black himself! (And it wasn't just a perfunctory answer, it was completely thorough and I got the sense that he really cares how you the student do on this important test.) The bottom line: You can't go wrong studying with this book nor can you under-appreciate the "scholarly compassion" dedicated to you by the author.