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  • Adero - great explaination of metabolismThis is the first diet that explains what is going on with your body and how it processes the food you eat, and why it does not. The only problem I find, which is a plus, is making sure I eat all the meals that are required. I'm in my 3rd week and I'm feeling smaller ( no scale) and have much more energy. I reccommend this book to any one serious about getting rid of the weight for good with a understanding of how you got there.
  • krissskrosss "kriss" - Thank you for the Honesty, Jessica Alba!I lived blissfully unaware of just how bad so many of our products are until my youngest was born and we discovered he had vicious allergies and asthma right from the start. It took going through a lot of doctors to find anyone even remotely interested in finding the problem instead of just masking symptoms with chemical creams and steroids. And this was back before allergens had to be clearly listed on labels. I spent countless sleepless nights on research and turning my house and our lives upside down trying to rid our house of as much crap as I could. My friends and family thought I was going nuts and OCD -I probably was!- but I was really just a mom looking to give my baby boy some relief and had virtually no one to help me. As I read The Honest Life, all I keep thinking was "If only this book and brand existed 10 years ago!!" The sanity, sleep, frustration, and tears it would have saved me!!

    Whether you're invested in doing a whole lifestyle change or just looking for some clean products and tips on how to cut chemical and toxin exposure from your life a little bit, definitely read this book. Even if you already know most of the information, it's filled with Jessica's personal tips, tricks, and suggestions, which can be helpful for anyone.

    You also don't have to join a hippie commune in order to make substantial changes. Jessica herself admits on page one - she eats meat, doesn't have time for cloth diapers, and doesn't grow her own food. She and her husband even eat and love bacon. You'll be amazed how simple most changes are. She does admit that she has the money to eat completely organic and buy the crazy expensive Eco-friendly chemical free crib mattresses, but understands that most people don't. (Thank you!!)

    Jessica explains that this is her way of natural living. It may not be for everyone. But everyone CAN get some very useful information from this book. It's up to you what you choose to do with it. "No judgement! No guilt!"

    The breakdown of book:

    Introduction - Jessica explains how it all started for her - even though signs had been there all along (allergies, always getting sick and serial bouts of pneumonia, etc), all it took was a reaction to the fragrance in laundry detergent to open up the floodgates for her. Fans of Alba will find this interesting, too, as she discusses some of her early years. She also debunks the ever-frustrating rebuttal of "But we used that when we were kids and we're fine!" (Again, thank you!)

    Chapter 1 - Food: The basics of what eating "honest" is, what her diet entails, eating as local as possible (with some very useful links on how to), foods that are the highest in pesticide absorption, foods that resist pesticides the best, the basic lowdown about GMO's, tips on how to eat certain foods and what eating seasonally entails, cooking tips, snack ideas (especially for kids!), and the bads of plastics. She also touches on party ideas and even the subject of weight loss. Newcomers will gain a lot of helpful information and tips from this chapter, making it feel much less overwhelming. Just remember, this is Jessica's way of living. My family doesn't eat nuts or tofu (soy), but she does and so do millions of others. It's okay to pick what doesn't work for you.

    Chapter 2 - Personal Clean Care: Jessica states, "One hundred percent of women of childbearing age have detectable levels of phthalates in their system probably due to cosmetic use." Don't buy into "hypoallergenic", "fragrance free" and "green" claims - they're still too often loaded with chemicals. And you don't have to have allergies, rashes, or rashes to be effected. These chemicals are linked to all sorts of things from hormone imbalances to cancer. Jessica helps break down how to find the safe products. Yes, she has her own product line. But she's not pushing it on you. She clearly states there are other brands and all-natural products at your disposal. This chapter was incredibly helpful for me because, even after years of research, food has become easy, but hygiene products are still a challenge.

    Chapter 3 - Make up & Beauty: Even more helpful for me than chapter 2 because safe makeup is even harder to come by and even more difficult for women to give up. Jessica breaks down the good, the bad, the ugly, and what your safe options are.

    Chapter 4 - Personal Style: This chapter is less on chemicals and toxins and more on Jessica's personal style and how she picks what makes her feel happy and comfortable in her own skin. It's a fun, light chapter and will appeal to Jessica's fans much more than those reading just for clean living tips. It does touch on dry cleaning.

    Chapter 5 - Your Home's Style: It's about finding a style for your home that is both minimalist and stylish, which can often be tricky. But, it offers information on safer products like carpets and paint, too. Go for real wood (vintage is even better) over fiberboard because of the difference in off gassing... It's impossible to keep everything in your home completely free of gasses. But simple tips like this can make a big difference. She breaks down the basics on how to get the toxins out and keep them out. She also offers basic DIY cleaner recipes that anyone can do. You'd be amazed at what you can do with some vinegar, baking soda, and lemons. And, surprise! They actually work!

    Chapter 6 - The Baby Chapter: prepare for parenthood without losing yourself. How to take care of yourself mentally and physically, and how to gently prepare your home and nursery for your expanding family. She offers her own parenting tips and advice. It also goes into diaper options and what to do if breast feeding isn't working. And then we have the dreaded lead-in-toys issue. She even touches on how to pack and travel with kids! Very helpful, especially for new parents.

    Chapter 7 - Inspiration: Who doesn't need a little inspiration from time to time?! This chapter reminds you that life can get heavy and weigh you down if you don't remember to have a little fun and take time to enjoy life. How to find balance, dinner parties, make your own pizza nights, recipes for sweet treats, nontoxic art supplies, make a fun outdoor playhouse or a wall garden... She also offers a list of her top "10 Essentials for An Honest Life" which I think are simple, but absolutely brilliant and spot on.

    Chapter 8 - Details!: Resources!!! There's nothing worse than people who preach, preach, preach, but offer no verbs on HOW to do what they're preaching. This chapter is full of pages and PAGES of links to helpful information, products, and some just light-hearted and fun. More pages of links for where to shop and brands that offer safe alternatives. It breaks down chapter by chapter what was covered, what to do, and where you can find help, information, and safe products. Honestly, if this book could only be one chapter, it would have to be this one. Worth it just for this list of resources alone!

    This book is so much more than just information on ridding toxins, it's about simplifying all aspects of your life to create a peaceful, happy, healthy, and inspired environment for you and your family. If you're starting a whole life overhaul, this won't be the only book you'll ever use, but it's a great start full of all the basics. If you're just looking for a few tips on natural living, you'll find more than enough to pick through here. Ad if you're just a fan of Jessica, you'll like it, too, as it's got personal pictures and some details and stories from her personal life.

    I'm so happy to see Jessica using her celebrity to do something so helpful for people and so positive. Read her blog or use her products if you want or don't, but I highly recommend reading The Honest Life to everyone.
  • Totallytransformed1 - Totally TransformedThis program is life changing. It made a huge difference knowing where my son was coming from and knowing what I needed to do to help him change his behavior. I wish I would have gone through this years ago when I first heard about it! My husband, who was frustrated that I signed up for the program, was actually hopeful after viewing the start up video. The series of cd's gave us useful information from which to base our parenting. Instead of him accusing me or vice versa for our son's negative behavior, we were both just encouraging each other to apply the different principles (that really do work!).

    Also, although very skeptical, you kept your promise and refunded my entire amount at the end of the program after receiving my feedback. I thought there would surely be a catch to it and there wasn't. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone frustrated with difficult behavior. It will bring peace to the entire family!
  • TDTech8 - Work well out of the boxThis latest Microsoft Operating system is by far the best Windows OS Microsoft has ever
    generated. Windows 8 is easy to use, with a moderate learning curve and quite innovative in its design.

    I have been a professional PC tech for over 15 years and although I have actually been a big fan of Windows 7 since its Service pack 1 release, I am glad to say that Windows 8 is quite the step up from 7, in its interface, usability, functionality and scalability. Good job (finally) Microsoft with this new Windows OS!
  • Lu Lu - Thank you, no!no!I admit that I probably was LESS skeptical about this product as most before purchasing because I have tried a variety of different hair removal methods and I know that nothing is 100% perfect. I waited a few years to purchase this item because the original model was not recommended for use on the face and that is what I wanted it for. I finally got around to purchasing one in January 2012 and I have to say that I am very satisfied.

    A little background about myself: I am in my late thirties, half Armenian, and have excess hair on my face and arms that make me feel self-conscious. My face has a range of black "stumps" from years of plucking my chin to more fine and lightly colored fuzz on my cheeks. The hair is pretty much everywhere, including my female sideburns. Gross, I know. The hair on my arms is dark brown, long, and thick. I have fair, olive-toned skin so everything shows up on it. I am good at following skin care and other beauty regimens but sometimes I get lazy and slack off. I spend a moderate amount of money on my physical appearance but nothing over the top...I use a combination of drugstore and "prestige" brand cosmetics and such. I would consider myself to be a medium-high maintenance type of girl and a bit of a product junkie.

    Back to the product. I found it fairly easy to use and I have not had a lot of problems burns or with the light turning off while in use like many have said, maybe it is the shape of my face? I don't know. I almost always use the wide heat blade, even above my lip. It does stink when you use it, hell yes, but I light a candle or my Lampberger and go on with my life. The nono works best on my face and it has been a bit of miracle worker for me. I have noticed a slow reduction of regrowth but the fact that thing gets rid of the hair without leaving a bunch of little red pluck spots is the real clincher for me. I have to use it every other day but it still takes me less time to nono and buff than it does to pluck. I love the fact that I am done with fuzz on my cheeks and sideburns and my makeup goes on so much nicer now. I do have to come in a get a few black stumps from my chin now and then, especially if I know I am going to be out in the sun with other people.
    I have also used it on my arms and I have noticed a reduction in regrowth there as well, but it takes so damn long to do. I still do use it on my arms occasionally but usually get lazy and buzz over them with the shaver attachment on my Panasonic epilator. I have not even bothered to try the nono on my legs because it would take an eternity...but that is why I have an epilator and razors.

    Overall I am very happy with this product but I don't think it is for everybody. It is expensive and if you are not that hairy I wouldn't bother. However, if you have a really hairy face this thing ROCKS as long as you understand that it is not going to get rid of all of your hair after a few uses. If you are like me just knowing that there is something to help this much is comforting.

    One other unexpected bonus is that this thing fries off skin tags! I discovered this by accident but I am sure glad I did. Oh yeah, and it is cordless and rechargeable to you can take it camping or whatever. And no, I do not work for the company. I am just a hairy Armenian girl looking for some relief : )