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  • Walter Stoneburner - Understanding The Mechanics of Love

    A very well written book that explains exactly what goes on when one falls in love, and then how to manipulate the circumstances by doing the "right things" to maximize your chances. Impressively, the book is not written in a manner that's gender specific, and in addition provides some keen insights into how the opposite gender works. That said, the male insight is a little over generalized (it was a female author), but it's still quite applicable.

    For instance, the section on "bedroom eyes" explains that all things being equal, the person with the dilated pupils is more attractive; the author then sites a study showing this to be the case, then explains the psychological reasons why this matters. Then, to follow up, she provides tricks to artificially dilate your own pupils during a conversation, making you subconsciously more attractive to the other person.

    In the section on conversation, she talks about various stages of communication people go through as their relationship grows. By listening for particulars and echoing them back in verbiage from a closer context of familiarity, it is possible to accelerate the feeling of intimacy.

    Very practical and interesting advice, whether you want to click with someone new or enhance the relationship you already have.

  • Christopher W - Great Product

    Started using this product about two weeks ago and does exactly what is advertised. Suppresses hunger and found myself skipping meals because I was not hungry. Taking a quality multivitamin with this product and.have lost 6 pounds the first week. I'm not.eating diet food. I'm eating when I'm hungry and what I want to eat. Sure seems to me a.great alternative to fad diets. I saw this first on Doctor OZ and is.defenitely working for.me. 14 pounds to go!