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  • M. Edwards - Better than Curly PuddingWhere has this product been all my life?! My curls are 3B: Curly Spirally texture and this is the best product I've used so far including other Miss Jessie's products, Deva Curl, Mixed Chicks, and various drugstore brands. As is true for most curly-haired women, I need to use A LOT of product to keep my curls from becoming too poofy, so oil/moisture content is important. I was using the Curly Pudding as recommended by my stylist for a long time and while it left my curls looking sleek and moisturized, it was so oily I felt like I had returned to the Jheri Curl era.

    The Curly Meringue on the other hand, makes my curls super spirally, without all of the oil. If you feel you need more moisture, leave in more conditioner or apply the Baby Buttercream before applying the Curly Meringue. It also makes my curls last much better into the second day than the Curly Pudding, which would just leave my curls completely flattened after sleeping, even if I wrapped my hair.

    Just a note, this does give your hair a fair amount of "lift", so my curls were about 1-2 inches shorter/tighter using this product than the Curly Pudding, but there was no poof or added volume. But this allows me to go longer between my expensive Deva cuts, so I love it. But if your curls are on the short side and you're trying to elongate them, go with something else. Yes it's expensive, but nothing else works like this for my hair.
  • TravellerTwo - How could anyone not have this in their libraryWritten and illustrated concisely, this book covers everything from health needs, interesting beliefs followed by remote villages and peoples, preventative methods as well as good basic first aid practices. Rather than running to the doctor or emergency for the little things, this book might be able to inform you how to do it yourself. Don't be shy, many of the drawings and information is there to help you with the human body. This would be the book to have during Hurricane or other disasters where doctors and hospitals are unable to help.
  • RubyRed - Love this workoutI have to preface this with saying that I've only done the workout once, but I was surprised at how much I could feel my muscles working with the moves. I am not incredibly out of shape (would like to lose 15-20lbs) and would also consider myself to be pretty flexible, so I didn't find the moves on the beginner dvd to be undoable. But I did feel myself getting warm and even starting to sweat rather quickly. It's not a "cardio" workout, but I was pleasantly surprised at the rise in my body temperature from (what I'm assuming) was the exertion I was having to use for each set of exercises. They are by no means "easy". Bar was sturdy and didn't have a smell (I've read elsewhere that some have a weird smell). If you have a lot of body fat to lose, I would say you probably would need a cardio routine to go along with this, but for strength training and toning purposes, I think this is a real winner.