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  • Allison Schaefer - Great stroller for tall parents

    I'm 6'1" and have found this stroller very easy to push. I do not kick the back of the stroller seat, nor do I step on the bar that is attached to the two back wheels, because the bar curves away, and I don't have to hunch over to push it. It's very easy to push and glides very well, almost too well. It also feels very lightweight and easy to pop up on curbs and some stairs. To collapse I push a button and pull teh strap in the middle of the seat. To open, I press the lever and it release and pops back open. Doesn't get much easier than this. My child appears comfortable.

    My spouse is 6'8"...he does have to bend over to push the stroller, however he has to do this w/ the majority of the strollers out there.

    I wish the basket underneith was bigger to hold all of my junk.

  • Dr. Norma Russ - Excellent book

    A doctor recommended that I purchase this book while on my last rotation as Nurse Practitioner student. It really helps and now I am making all "A's" in my pharm course and while working as NP it makes my jobs a lot easier and fast. I would recommend this book to all Nurse Practitioner students and Med Student as well.

  • Dana L. Stewart - RF Ford Spur Maker 1944-2011

    This book is a must have for any collector or history buff of RF's spurs and bits. I am a collector of his spurs, bits, buckles, bolo ties, and this book is a personal treasure for me. Liz, his wife, did an outstanding job of describing their humble beginnings, and RF's journey to becoming an award winning spur maker. I personally enjoyed reading the biographies, viewing the photos and looking through the actual order books, which show RF's handwriting, individual descriptions and customer names. The quality of the book and photo's are top rate and my collection is made complete with this book. RF will be greatly missed, but his life and legacy will live on through the pages of this unique book.

  • S. Helms - Try it; you'll like it!

    I've tried all the "super-strength" antiperspirants, Mitchum's, Clinique, etc., but none worked for me. I don't perspire heavily, but often had enough slight dampness to be annoying and stain silk blouses. Also, I found the white residue, left by even the clear antiperspirants, annoying.

    Sweat Block was on the expensive side, but I decided to give it a try - it worked perfectly! I really like the smell of it - fresh, pleasantly spicy, somewhat reminiscent of cinnamon.

    Sometimes I forget to reapply Sweat Block at the end of a week, but it still has remained effective.

  • Patricia - Fearless Insight

    Fearless insight, a lack of condescension and artistic pretension, unembarrassed by his unfashionable commitment to meaning.

    When the art history books are written decades from now, scholars will look back on the tiresome and vacuous yet famous artists of this era and few will make the cut.

    Fischl will rise to the top and stand the test of time. This memoir shows you why.