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  • Pauline Goode "Niptwitch" - A Must-Read for Anyone that Cares About Humanity's Long-Term WellbeingMorality has always been chiefly considered to be the domain of religions - and this isn't to say that the religions are consistent in what they deem moral either; in fact, religion seems to be the one thing that can provide complete justification to some of the most heinous, blatantly immoral behaviour this world has seen - and at the same time, is free from criticism for this fact. THIS MUST END.

    Sam provides an answer to the question of how to determine moral values through a secular, scientific, reasoned and rational approach. He begs the reader to consider the one thing we must all value - human wellbeing, which translates into knowable states of the brain, which can thus be studied. Much like the concept of "Health", Morality is loosely defined, and there are some grey areas of morality - but (as the Healthcare industry demonstrates) this shouldn't prevent us from investigating morality at all. For example - we can debate about whether it's healthy to have a glass of red wine each day (and may not find a clear answer), but we can all easily agree that drinking Drain-O isn't healthy. Simiarly, we can debate whether it's better to raise a child in the city versus in the country - but we should ALL be able to agree that honor killings and genital mutilation are inequivocally IMMORAL. There are answers to moral questions, and religion should not provide them.

    Finally - someone has stood up in defense of TRUE morality as determined through reason, scientific inquiry, and evidence. Hopefully this book will remove people's blinders and put an end to the political correctness gone mad that asks us to respect cultures that clearly do not respect our fellow humans or their rights. Hopefully some day we can effectively replace the imams and bishops with moral scientists who are actually qualified to help humanity flourish.
  • M. Bell - Works great!I have a Kindle Fire and think this will totally replace it, plus. I especially like the fact I can listen to my audio books, search the web and use it for my email. It doesn't replace my laptop as it's keyboard is much more awkward, but I expected that. I would totally recomment it to someone who just wants a good tablet without spending big dollars.
  • Tri Phan - Simply the best for meI've just got this new toy 920 last week with doubt :), been an apple fan for quite so long, it's hard to get off an ip5 and its surrounded eco system: ipad, iphone, imessage ... since we are so used to them. Chance came when i lost my ip5, a little bit of tiring of using apple products, not saying that they are bad or anything, they are all decent products to my opinion. In fact, i'm a .net developer and used to be Nokia fan long time ago, why not trying this new combination of Nokia and MS product where you can actually play around with the technology and new (cool?) stuff. Enough for introduction, now the phone, with quite some doubt, however, after reading lots of reviews, i bought one. First impression, awesome layout, very nice material, some sayings bulky, heavy, but i don't see it that way, it fit in hand, feeling solid and great, big screen display, nice camera, awesome Nokia's navigation (many thanks to this feature), fast and responsive, 32Gb memory as external storage, additional 7Gb Skydrive, 4G LTE support (super fast), Office, Kid's Corner feature (i found it very useful), you can actually download Map and disconnect Data Network for saving data plan, live update from front end screen, conserve for saving battery when running low, apps is quite out there, certainly not comparable with Apple Store, but i think it would be soon, ... and a lot more as others mentioned already. It certainly clears my doubt, brought back the hope that Nokia can come back one day, and important thing is, I don't have the feeling missing my Ip5.

    One minor thing about this new 920 and WindowPhone 8 Os, it's quite strictly in setting up the Environment for dev (in case you want to go this round), for fully support, it requires Windows 8 64bit, x64 bit CPU, VS2012 (Pro and up), and requirement for CPU from i3, i5, i7 (or CPU that support SLAT, and one other thing i can't remember now) in order to install the Emulator. I was stuck with this since my desktop was old, and Core2Duo CPU doesn't support this. However, not that bad, i still can install most of everything to support to WP7.8 OS, or you may want to register as MS Window phone Dev and you can use your real device for testing purpose. For those still using Wins 7 and VS2010, it still a good choice since there are SDKs out there...

    Certainly, i need to adapt to the differences btw the 2 products, but it's worth doing so.

    Good choice for me, and many thanks to the lovely one who bought me this.
  • belen rodriguez - excellent overview weekly plannerExcellent if you don't need a lot of space for each entry. This is the one I use for an overview of the week at work. The list, projects delegated, and goals sections are extremely helpful if you use them consistently. I practice a combination of GTD and Agile planning and this planner fits my needs. Caveat, I also use a daily planner as a log for the specifics of my daily activities.
  • MissBianca - Finally! A Pen For All Of My Lady Needs!In between cooking, cleaning, child rearing and doting on my husband, I like to write. My wonderful hubby took notice and allowed me to buy these pens with my weekly allowance! Luckily, during the fifteen minutes my hubby lets me out of the kitchen for fresh air, I can finally start writing all of my lady thoughts on pretty pink paper! God forbid my husband let me write with his brutish man pens!