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  • CrystalCorolla - This product is awesome!!!

    My CEL had been lit for a very long time (months). We were on the line to pay over $400 for a new catalytic converter. Just didn't have it at the time, so we read about Cataclean. Generally, I'm skeptical of product claims such as this but decided to give it a shot. After resetting the CEL, I drove my car, first, for about 72 miles and the CEL popped back on. Reset the CEL again and my trip odometer, lo and behold, I'm up to 97 miles and the CEL has not come back on. I passed my emissions test with flying colors!!! My husband and I are going to keep the trip odometer running to see if the light comes back on and if so, at what mileage. The product worked well for us!

  • Courtney - Right for me

    Intelligender told me I was having a boy at about 15 weeks, and the doctor confirmed at the 20 week ultrasound. It was right for me. We also did the gendermaker test, and it said girl.

  • Jeremy Fuller - Perfect stand for your SelectTech weights

    I purchased this stand at the same time I bought the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.

    As with any Bowflex product I've experienced, the construction is of very sturdy quality and aesthetically pleasing. The instructions were fairly easy to follow and I had this stand assembled in less than 30 minutes.

    Once the weights are placed on the stand, they feel very solid and I never feel as if they're under any risk of falling off. There's also an extra measure added in the form of a clip strap for those who might be worried they will fall off or if you have small children around them.

    I prefer placing the dumbbells on the stand because they're off the ground which makes them easier to pick up, I'm above average height (6'5"), so bending down to pick up the weights can become a bit of a pain.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this product for owners of the Bowflex SelectTech weights.

  • vivkween - I'm pleased

    I'm not a paid spokesman and I have nothing to win or lose regarding this review. With that said, I am truly pleased with the way this Derma wand product continues to improve my skin. I've been using it x6weeks. The first 2 weeks I broke out with bumps, but I figured it was toxins coming out and kept on using it. Just this past week, I've received more than a dozen compliments from friends, family and coworkers on how great my skin looks and how young I appear (I'm 60). I recommend it highly... but the key to any success is to keep using it. PS FYI: I use cocoa butter or coconut oil as the emollient for the wand to go smoothly over my face instead of the expensive creams that come with the wand.