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  • Ms. Vee - Fabulouciousness:-)

    I found this book incredibly eye opening. I thought I knew a lot about the male psychy, but I was pleasantly shocked to realise just how wrong I was. I read Get the Guy in hours because I couldn't get enough.
    Before I finished reading it, I picked myself up a date:-).
    The tips are brilliant.

  • Vicki Jennings - A High Chair for Everywhere!

    I am so excited to have this chair. It's a gift for my first grand child! My own children had a similar one when they were little (30 years ago) which we drug to grandma's and every restaurant in town! This chair has so many more features, including a much safer clamp for attaching to the table. Three cheers for Amazon for stocking an extremely welcome and useful item!!

  • sandalista - Sic Semper Rodentia

    Air America's Stephanie Miller used to refer to the author of this book as "noted transsexual plagiarist Ann Coulter" until the transsexuals got their panties in a Frist over being lumped with Ann Coulter. Miller is the damaged daughter of Barry Goldwater's Veep running mate of 1964, and uses the tag line, "Abandoned by wolves, raised by Republicans." I suggest that "Abondoned by Republicans, raised by rodents" would be closer to the truth, but rodents would get their panties in a Frist (that's another Miller tag line) about being lumped with Miller. But that's off topic; inquiring minds want to know if Ann Coulter, incomparable & inimitable, is a plagiarist. Miller, often confused, must be thinking of Molly "Messkins" Ivins.

    Coulter frags illiberal liberals in this excellent collection of essays. In her only self-referential essay, the allegedly self-absorbed transsexual Ann Coulter talks about liberal rodents who confect Coulter quotes out of dirty air or who string them together from a few words spoken or written in one decade and a few words from the next. Miller merrily calls this liberal pasttime No-Context Theatre, and Coulter mercilessly nails them on it.

    Then Coulter gets down to business, mercilessly nailing the high-class rats and ferrets who call themselves responsible journalists. Main-stream liberal journalism is a redundancy, and Coulter demonstrates again and again in this book that main-stream liberal journalists are, redundantly, lying liars and whores. More than Rush, who is often killing time and killing pain, more than the F-word Faux News Network, Ann Coulter does the dirty work of bringing fairness and balance to a new national debate that was, until Rush and Fox and Kaus and Coulter, a national monologue. When Coulter, Miller, and I were young, the world was what the New York Times said it was and what Cronkite or Rather read from their cue-cards: And that's the way it is. Then, without mercy for bloated media monopoly, Coulter started taking the Times apart. The Times marches on, losing credibility and losing readers, never saying they're sorry or posting corrections unless they're pushed into a corner beyond the last ditch, but the times are changin'. Coulter, Rush, and the rest have shown that we don't have to take it any more. We don't have to get fooled again. We can MoveOn.