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  • Bianca Crawford - Fresh.Authentic.Eye Opening.

    Amazing book! Sheryl's authentic and honest voice provides women......and men a new perspective for the thoughts and insecurities that sometime play in our head. Her honesty will allow you to forgive yourself for not Leaning In in the past and push you to be honest with yourself when you decide to in the future.

  • Monterrey girl - Cystic acne problem solved!

    I have had cystic acne for 15 years now and as anyone knows, this is so hard on your confidence. I sometimes counted eight ot ten deep acne lesions at times the size of a marble. I felt like a monster two out of four weeks of the month. I was at the point where my dermatologist had come to offering me an extremely aggressive oral medication that required getting my blood checked once a month to make sure my body was metabolizing it correctly. This was scary and obviously for me...a health nut...NOT an option. I was at the mall one day and I decided to try the system but was not willing to spend good money on a scam. I just bought the repairing treatment and Figured that if it helped, I would buy the whole system. I knew I was lazy a lot about washing my face at night, so I bought Facial cleansing wipes (Philosophy Purity) as well. I am ecstatic with the results. Since my skin dries out easily, all I did was wash or wipe off my makeup at night and apply the Proactive repairing treatment on my problem areas and call it a night. When my skin felt too scaly, I would wait until the next evening to reapply the treatment and almost immediately I saw results. I cannot believe that I hardly remember now how I used to look and feel. I am soooooooo happy now, my skin looks awesome and I feel so blessed to have finally overcome this problem. I think mostly the complaint on Proactive is that it dries out your skin so just using the repairing treatment is perfect in these cases. Then, NOTHING will replace washing or at least cleansing with a fragrance free wipe. In the morning, I moisturize with Clinique dramatically different lotion and that is all. I urge anyone who has the tendency to dry up to just purchase this one product and together with a fragrance free facial wash or wipe at night...expect awesome results!!!!


    Is it possible to be both disappointed in a book... and pleasantly surprised... AND give it a five star review? The answer in my case is yes. Let me explain. I saw Mr. Dershowitz on a TV program where in a short interview he dropped interesting tidbits on everyone from O.J. Simpson... to Claus von Bulow... to a leader of Israel... to Marlon Brando... I immediately ordered the book thinking it would be one of those fast... quick moving... "Hollywood-Insider" type books... I was wrong... and at the beginning of this 500 page deeply technical book... I was very disappointed...

    Then as I continued to read... I found myself deeply immersed in an educational exploration of constitutional law... that was not way above the head of a layman... and interspersed with facts... and Yiddish humor. Besides the interest in the famous household names that Dershowitz rubbed elbows with... which also includes his numerous defenses of the porn industry... including "Deep Throat's" Harry Reems... it also sheds light on the anti-Semitism all over the country.

    Perhaps more interesting than the famous entertainment names... are the no-holds-barred experiences with many Supreme Court Justices. The author pulls no punches in the descriptions of the character and biases... of members of the highest court in the land.

    This is not a book you'll read in one sitting... but it's definitely a book you'll continually look forward to sitting down with!

  • David T - Take Your Viewing Pleasure To The Next Level

    I'm a retired T.V. technician with over 40 years experience. I've seen my share of good looking HDTV's. Knowing Sony as generally a good product I purchased a new KDL-40R450A 40 in. LED HDTV. Color reproduction was top notch however no matter how much I tweaked the minimalist controls the picture resolution was subpar for any Hi-Def television (in fairness the Sony had only a 60Hz refresh rate). I returned it to Amazon and was promptly issued a hassle free refund.
    I wound up spending an extra $150.00 for this LG 47LN5700 (120Hz) 47in. LED HDTV and I couldn't be happier with the quality picture this model puts out. It has a very bright and vivid color picture that equals just about anything I've seen on the market today. Football games have never looked better and there are no issues with the resolution on this bad boy. You will feel like you are on the sidelines.
    I'm very particular with the picture I watch for myself at home. The 47LN5700 is capable of reproducing HD content in spectacular fashion that just several years ago could only be found on high-end LCD/LED HDTV's and good plasma's. This pumps out a jaw dropping picture that IMHO would be hard to top without spending thousands of dollars. LG has recently stepped up their game to compete more effectively with their rival brand Samsung (both South Korean companies). The 5700 series also operates with LG's innovative "magic-remote" (available for $70.00) you can view it's unique features here ... http://www.vidiby.com/product.php?asin=B00DN443K8&name=LG-Electronics-AN-MR400-Magic-Motion-Remote-for-2013-LG-HDTVs-with-Smart-TV
    It enables you to control the on screen cursor (while web browsing) like a wireless mouse, in addition to voice commands, as the built-in Wi-Fi connects effortlessly to your home wireless network. But even if you don't take advantage of this HDTV's "smart" features, at just over $600.00, the excellent Hi-Def picture is worth the price alone. There's a reason why LG is selling alot of these sets.... they're great TV's!
    P.S. The built-in speakers on the 47 inch are just OK. I kicked it up a notch with this nicely priced quality soundbar from Samsung.
    Samsung HW-F355 2.1-Channel 120-Watt Soundbar (Black)

  • hawkeye - Protect yourself

    I've been using Norton antivirus forever, it seems like, and I've never had any complaints. I've always felt secure.
    However, a hacker got through all my defenses recently, shut down my laptop, and, if that wasn't bad enough, demanded money to restore it.
    I called the police.
    A cop came by, picked up my laptop, restored it for me himself, and assured me the hacker was identified and shut down.
    But most of these hackers ---or so I've heard---are in Iran, China, or Russia, aren't they?.
    So what can I do to protect myself, my online identity and personal information? What can any of us do?
    Computers don't come cheap and I've spent too much money on mine to settle for anything but the best protection for it, so I'm renewing my subscription with Norton. I'm going with the product I know best. Adversaries are all over the place, I've learned, and I can't go through this again.