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  • keilah - Britax RoundaboutWe purchased the britax roundabout a few months ago for my 10 month old daughter. It is the best rear facing car seat we have used so far! I like that the belt is threading through a steel bar; it looks very solid and safe. It isn't so tall that the driver can't sit comfortably, it's super easy to install tightly and at the correct angle, and it wipes clean easily. I love it, and my daughter doesn't fuss when we put her in her car seat anymore. Best of all, she can sleep comfortably in there and is no longer hurting her neck sleeping in the car!
  • TibblesMcginny - Two fruits enter, one fruit leavesI've been a proud owner of my Hutzler banana slicer for almost a year now. Needless to say, after 11 monthes of banana slicing, a man can get cocky. So, I thought why not try the banana slicer on a more robust foodstuff and immediately set my sights on a zuccinni. Well, to make a long story short,I lost a couple pints of blood and almost half of my right big toe but my resolved is strong. The doctor said I can go home tommorow so I'll be trying again with a once I get a hold of a welder's mask and a couple cans of WD-40.